Poweramp v3 Beta: Back with New Design and Features

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Poweramp v3 Beta: Back with New Design and Features

Android has special place in music. Android introduced us with a good deal of music player apps that let us enjoy the real beats and treble is music. We all love to listen songs. If you have every search on internet about the best of music players for android then you must be heard of Poweramp. Yes! Then here is the good news that Poweramp is back with new design and awesome features called Poweramp v3 Beta.

Here in the article we will talk about what Poweramp v3 Beta brings for android users? How it is different from other music players and why is it special that you must try on your android device if you are a serious music lover. So, here we go…

[su_heading size=”22″] Poweramp v3 Beta: A New Era [/su_heading]

Before, if you have ever installed Poweramp on your android device then you must be aware of its greeky design. That is not a fault. At that time no one thinks about a material design. Even you can see the previous UI of android. But now, Poweramp is back with new name Poweramp v3 Beta.

The previous Poweramp was like Winamp on your laptop but now when you see the Poweramp v3 Beta, you will be amazed with its fabulous design. When you launch this app, you will find navigation bar at the bottom instead of side menu drawer. You will find four icons at the navigation bar from right to left that is Menu, Search, Equalizer and Library. The only thing you will miss is third party skins. The reason is that it is still a beta version. We hope for themes in stable update.

When you open Poweramp v3 Beta, you will find now playing screen as the main screen. That is something different from other music players. Apart from that the previous black color accent has been replaced with white. Even you will be amazed with its animations and the new interface.

[su_heading size=”22″] Changelog:- [/su_heading]

Here below we have listed the change log of Poweramp v3 Beta:


– Now use bottom miniplayer in order to change the tracks or to return to main screen.
– Features pinch zoom in lists.
– Notifications: 3 different implementations depending on Android version.
– New wave seekbar.
– Simply swipe right or left from lists for fast return.
– Just click or swipe album art to go to current playlist.
– Panels, Dialogues, Menus, Popups etc.
– Simply swipe album art for previous or next song.
– Also, drag more for category change and also applies to bottom miniplayer.

Features of Poweramp v3 Beta:-

– Supports formats like flac, mp3, ogg, WMA, M4a and more.
– Gapless playback and crossfade.
– Awesome internal equalizer.
– Lyrics display support.
– And more. Find out yourself.

[su_heading size=”22″] Download Section:- [/su_heading]

Download Poweramp v3 Beta apk

[su_heading size=”22″] How to install Poweramp v3 Beta app on Your Android device:- [/su_heading]

1- First download apk from download Section.

2- Now enable Unknown Sources option in your device’s settings. Simply head to [su_highlight background=”#ddff99″ color=”#050505″] Settings> Security> Enable Unknown Sources option here¬†[/su_highlight].

3- Move to the downloaded location in your file manager.

4- Click on it to install.

5- Tap on Install.

6- Congratulations!! You have successfully installed Poweramp v3 Beta app on your Android device.

Drop your comment below guys if you face any problem while downloading or installing Poweramp v3 Beta app on your android device. Stay tuned with Updatemydroid to get regular updates on upcoming gadgets and Android P. Enjoy!!!


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