Sim Racing Handbrakes And The Power They Have


The secret weapon of sim racing handbrakes is giving you ultimate control over the virtual track. Discover the advantages, the games that require a handbrake and the exciting ways they can improve your racing experience. 

Sim handbrakes and the power they have

One of the most important aspects of sim racing is precise control. This is where the handbrake enters the picture. The handbrake adds an extra layer of realism and thrill to your sim racing setup. When you use the handbrake in sim racing, you have more control over the vehicle. This gives you the freedom to drift freely,perform stylish manoeuvres like making hairpin turns. 

Let’s say you’re driving your car around a tight corner. You’re feeling the wind in your hair as you whip around the corner. With a snap of your hand, your car slides around the corner, keeping its grip while leaving your rivals gasping for air. It’s the purest example of skill and elegance.

Sim racing handbrake brings that same level of excitement to your virtual races.

Games that demand a handbrake

Now, you may be asking yourself, which sim racing games actually have handbrakes? In sim racing games like “Virtual Drift Champion” and “Rally roadmasters”, handbrakes are a must-have for controlling drifts and maneuvering off-road terrain. In these games, you’ll need precise timing and fast reflexes to get the most out of your racing skills. 

Hand brakes let you dominate the track 

With a sim handbrake, you’ll be able to unleash the full power of your racing abilities and control the virtual track like never before. Take charge of your races, perform precise manoeuvres, and leave your rivals in the dust!

It’s time to take your sim racing game to the next level with the help of a handbrake! Feel the exhilaration of controlled drift, tackle difficult courses, and enjoy ultimate control.

Heusinkveld sim handbrake

It’s a name that doesn’t need any introduction. For most sim racers, it’s probably one of the brands they’ve heard of when they’ve grown past the entry-level steering wheel and pedals. They’re probably most well-known for their sprint pedal sets and the Ultimate+ pedal sets that have long been the standard for premium sim racing pedals. But they don’t just develop pedals. They also develop best in class hand brakes. 

This handbrake is one of the most popular USB handbrakes. However, it is only available as a PC handbrake. The sim handbrake retail price is €299.00. 

The Heusinkveld sim handbrake is made of CNC laser cut steel with bead blasted and powder coated finish. This gives the handbrake a very stiff and sturdy feel, which gives the impression that the handbrake was designed for heavy duty use.

The finish of the handbrake is very clean, which is something different from what we are accustomed to seeing. This handbrake has a very high level of detail and accuracy.

Check out pure-sim’s Heusinkveld sim handbrake and take your racing to the next level. The virtual track is waiting for you!


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