How to Unlock Bootloader without PC On Android [2022]


Hey, there Today I am going to explain how to unlock the bootloader without pc and without root on any android device, and here is Descargar Youtube Vanced APK.

The Time we want to Install A custom ROM on our android phone at that time we need to Unlock the Bootloader. After Unlocking Bootloader we can install any type of Custom ROM on our Android Device or Smartphone.

I have explained step by step process of how to unlock the bootloader without pc and without root

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What is Bootloader?

A bootloader is a program that Executes at the time an operating system is booting or we can say when a computer is turned ON bootloader loads the operating system on that device.

Every device motherboard has there own bootloader to detect whether the operating system and its inside application are compatible with the motherboard hardware or not.

What is a CUSTOM ROM?

Basically, custom ROMs are used to add a new Android version to any Android phone, without an official firmware release for the device.

unlock bootloader without pc

Why Android’s Bootloader is Locked?

To prevent installing custom ROMs on devices manufacturers are locked there bootloader on their devices.

If the ROM properly not install it can damage phone software as well as its hardware too, so to prevent these types of losses loss manufacturer lock the bootloaders. Also, it affects the device warranty.

Why unlock bootloader or What does unlocking bootloader do?

By Unlocking Bootloader on our android device, we can able to install various types of Custom ROMs, install Custom Recoveries, use MODs like exposed, multi ROM & magisk, and much more! we can do many useful things on our android devices.

In this article, I have explained the exact step-by-step process of how to unlock the bootloader without pc and without root on any android device.

unlock bootloader without pc


What happens when you unlock the bootloader?

Unlocked Bootloader Risk !!!!

 Before Unlocking the bootloader the following points are must keep in your mind.

  • It Voids the warranty by unlocking the bootloader. Make sure you have complete knowledge about how to unlock bootloader without root without pc Unlock bootloader only in conditions when you fully know what you are doing and have technical knowledge about android. By Unlocking the bootloader it makes your smartphone Vulnerable. Unlocking bootloader might affect your phone security and privacy

Can I lock the bootloader again?

Yes, It can be Locked Again But its state will be “Relocked”. also, you cant restore the original states of the lock.

Warning before unlocking the bootloader

  • Make sure you have complete knowledge of how to unlock the bootloader without root.
  • Your phone warranty should be expired.
  • Download proper software.
  • The device must have a minimum of 80% of charge.

Finally, let see How does a bootloader unlocks without a PC and without Root? 

How does a bootloader unlock without a PC?

There is various way of unlocking the bootloader. among them, I have given the best and easy way to do it. carefully read and then apply.

Note: Unlocking Bootloader will erase all data from the internal memory of your phone.


These methods are working even if your android is not rooted. The following methods work on every android phone.

Method 1. Unlock bootloader no pc (By Rooting)

By rooting your phone it automatically unlocks the bootloader.

Method 2: Android unlock bootloader app (by using an app)

Install CyanogenMod on your device it will automatically unlock the bootloader for you.

Bootloader unlocks apk CyanogenMod: This app is used to install the popular ROM on your Android device in a matter of minutes, without rooting your smartphone.

Method 3: Android unlock bootloader fast boot

Using Superboot unlocks the device’s bootloader and it also contains the fastboot as well.

Remember Each device has unique hardware behavior with the motherboard which requires its own Individual Bootloader. So it requires different procedures and different toolkits for different brands.

Method 4:

And the last but not the least method to Unlock bootloader no pc Required

Things Need before stating the unlock bootloader Process

  1. ADB& Fastboot Driver
  2. Terminal Emulator
  3. root browser
  4. OTG Cable (Good Quality)
  5. Another rooted android device
Step 1. Install ADB and FASTBOOT for Android

Download ADB & fast boot Driver from the above link and install it on your android device.

And also install Terminal eliminator.

Step 2. With a Root, Browser open the installed ADB and insert it in /system/bin folder

Step 3. Now open the Terminal app which acts as a command prompt in Android Device and Type the Following Codes.

-> su

-> mount -o remount,rw/system

-> chmod 755 /system/bin/fastboot 

Step 4. reboot your Device

Step 5. With an OTG cable connect your device to another rooted device.

Step 6. Type “adb reboot bootloader” in the Terminal eliminator to boot the connected device to the FASTBOOT mode

Step 7. To Show a list of connected devices type ” fastboot devices”.

Step 8. Now to Unlock Bootloader Type: fastboot oem unlock


That’s It for this article Hope you find your solution for how to unlock the bootloader without pc and without root. If you have any doubt please comment below.


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