How To Solve Issues With Outdoor Porcelain Tiles?

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Just like any other material, outdoor Porcelain tiles come with some common problems. However, unlike other types of tiles, these problems are fixable and manageable. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at common outdoor porcelain tile and pavers problems and how you can prevent or solve them. 

Loose tiles

Sometimes outdoor porch tiles  can detach from its substrate. This issue is usually not apparent until further investigation. To determine the condition of your existing landscaping material, you can use a tool to gently hit the tiles. If the sound you make is hollow, it means the tiles are not adhering correctly to the substrate. In some cases, this issue may be caused by the substrate you have applied. 

To avoid this, you’ll need to remove the existing paving on your landscape that was laid in the past. Not only that, but you’ll also need to re-level and clean the area before installing outdoor porcelain. 


Porcelain tiles are very durable, but they can sometimes crack due to heavy impacts, poor installation, changes in temperature, or even structural movement. If you have a cracked porcelain paver, you can repair it. First, clean the cracked area of your porcelain tile. Then, mix epoxy/porcelain tile filler according to the instructions. Use a putty knife to add the filler to the crack.

Once the filler is dry, use fine sandpaper to smooth and level out the area. You can then clean the area further to remove any debris or dust. You may also want to consider adding a tile sealer. 

Slippery tiles

Slip of the tiles might be a problem for some property owners. There are some outdoor tiles of porcelain that tend to slip when wet. On the other hand, there are some outdoor tiles that claim to have sL. If you’ve already installed outdoor paver pavers on your property, what can you do? 

You can apply a non-slip layer on the surface of your porcelain tile. This adds texture and gives extra grip to the surface. This will help to prevent slips and falls. You can also add adhesive strips or anti slip mat to the surface. 

Moisture damage

Porcelain tiles are nearly impervious to damage, stain, and water damage, but they can still suffer from long-term damage caused by constant exposure to these damaging conditions.

Fluids such as wine, soft drinks, and even rain can cause damage if these elements aren’t properly cleaned off the surface. If you’re dealing with spillages, it’s important to clean the elements regularly. Otherwise, mildew and mold can build up. Cleaning up your tiles will help them last longer and look better.


Porcelain outdoor tiles are incredibly durable, but they are also quite fragile. This is because these hard and dense materials were fired at very high temperatures. Because of this, outdoor porcelain tile installation requires extra attention. Don’t drop them on their corners, especially, and handle installation with care to prevent raised edges that can cause chipping. 


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