How to Increase Memory Power by Making Lifestyle Changes

How to increase memory power

Remember the childhood days when as a part of the little peer group you used to play memory games. The golden days tell tales about how kids of the ’90s without internet used to engage their minds. However, even today people have an extensive knack for recharging the brain cells with such games. Note that the incredible brain is super powerful and it unfolds its true shape in regards to memory and learning. Honing the cognitive skill is not tough. You can do so by harnessing the power from neuroplasticity. Therefore, incorporate the extracted power to learn more information at any age you prefer. Henceforth in this article will share deep ideas on how to increase memory power.

How to increase memory power?

Proceed to understand how to increase the memory power naturally. Follow the bullets to provide the best recipe to charge up your brain.

Less amount of added sugar

People so far have learned that added-sugar is harmful to the skin. It makes the skin age faster. But do you know that added sugar is pretty much worst for the cognitive functioning of the brain as well?

According to the neurobiologists feeding the brain with sugar-coated foods can reduce memory power. Subsequently, it deteriorates the capacity of the brain to store memories in volume.

Importantly, you can recognize that it might lead to short term loss of memory as well.

Indulge having fish oil aided supplements

The principal quotient of the fish oil is the omega 3 fatty acids and the Docosahexaenoic acid. In addition to that, it also comprises of the eicosapentaenoic acid or the EPA.

Therefore, all these together increase memory power. Largely, it is also accountable for treating anxiety, stress and inflammation as well. Factually, it proved more beneficial to elderly people having a tendency of losing memory.

Do meditate every day

Meditation is super beneficial as it soothes and relaxes your nerves. Additionally has the ultimate power to lower the pressure level, rid your mind away from stress.

A daily dose of meditation can boost the gray matter concentration inside the brain. It literally feeds the neuron cells with positive energy. That leaves a healthy impact on the overall functioning of the body.

On the plus side, it majorly works on improving the short duration memory among people of different ages.

Maintain a balanced body weight

Making your mind and bodywork in the right coordination ensures to have a sound body. According to studies, obesity is the culprit behind curbing the cognitive functioning of the brain.

The interesting fact is that as you get obese it tends to put a negative impact on the genes associated memory. It also causes inflammation or resistance to insulin all of which affect the brain in a negative way.

Therefore, make sure to keep up the right BMI. Ensure that you don’t cross the regular range as it may lead to bad memory.

The right amount of sleep

Sleep is the key caretaker of your memory. It plays the cynosure role in boosting short memories. Also, convert the short period memories into long- term ones.

Now as you sleep you actually give your neuron cells a great opportunity to rest. This no doubt increases the memory potency. Moreover, if you take any memory test after a sound night’s sleep, definitely you will come out with a satisfying result.

Engage in mindfulness

Mindfulness is a phase when you concentrate on the current happenings. You literally stay aware of your inner feelings and surroundings.

Many of you misunderstand meditation with mindfulness. But these two things are completely distinguished from each other in terms of meanings.

The first is a practice that you should customarily do to get used to it. On the flipside, mindfulness is a mental practice that you can do anytime.

Mindfulness keeps your stress level low. Also, it is the best answer when someone asks you how to increase memory power.

Ensure that you do mindfulness regularly. For this just pay attention to your current situation and don’t let your monkey mind wander. Over a period, you will see a great improvement in cognitive thinking ability.

Don’t take much alcohol

Oftentimes you heard it that it is better to cut off alcohol. But do you know why is it so? In that regard, know that drinking more increases the alcohol level in the blood. Precisely it increases to 0.08 gms or more than that.

Definitely, this much is enough to dissuade the brainpower and result in a deficit. Experts say that alcohol results to produce neuro-toxin. Frequent drinking can hamper the integral component of the brain that is the hippocampus. It is the most important brain part. It enhances the functioning of the memory.

Brain training

Give some time to train your brain. To do so you can nurture some heathy brain activities like recalling word games or crosswords.

These impactful games will hone the cognitive capacity to think. In a way, it will increase memory. A study disclosed that adults who participated in such games were successful to say adieu to impaired cognitive ability.

On top of that, such will also help to enhance the working power, short term thinking capacity. In addition to that will make you capacitate to concentrate profoundly as well.  The best part is that it can also minimize the chance of dementia.

A small portion of refined forms of carbs

Do you know the refined carb can equally harm your memory power? Make sure that you limit the consumption of white rice, cereals, cakes, cookies and white bread.

It is because the above-said foods have a higher level of the glycemic index. To elaborate, note that having these will make the body digest carbohydrate easily. Asa result it will spike the sugar level in the blood.

Eventually, you will end up suffering from reduced cognitive function and dementia.

Have vitamin D

Note that vitamin d enriched nutrients are important for the body and brain functioning. The less amount of vitamin D might lead to various other health problems. It might cause cognitive disability as well.

To get vitamin D you can either take a sunbath. Else, you can have palettes full of vitamin D items. At most, you can take vitamin D supplements as well.

Exercise is necessary

Exercise not only tones your body but also tones up your brain as well. You can practice moderate to hard-core exercises on a daily basis. Doing so, you will certainly improve your thinking ability. Additionally, your memory power will learn to perform more discretely.

How to increase memory power by food

Eating the right yet balanced potion always bestows you with physical as well as mental fitness. But the doubt is which food you should take to get a sound brain.

Whole grains

Energy is the ultimate dose for your brain. You need to make sure that you offer the brain proper energy for its balanced working. In that case, consuming whole grains known for having less glycaemic index offers more energy to the blood. It means that it steadily increases the level of energy in the blood thus making you respond with full alert.

Ensure that you take the brown form of the pasta, rice, bread from the granary and whole grains instead of the white ones.


Do you like to garnish the blueberries on top of your bread? if so, then have it from today. It is because blueberries are the powerful ones to treat loss of short period memories.

In case if you do not get, grab some other red or purple-based foods. For example, you can have veggies such as red cabbage. Also, add blackberries to your regular food regime.

Now the point of taking all these is because it consists of the equal type of protective elements known as the anthocyanins.


Getting antioxidants also increases the brain-power as well. Therefore are you searching the veggies rich in antioxidants then have the tomatoes. They are having a high amount of enzyme called lycopene.

This helps to combat the free form of radicals. It poses a threat to the cells. Also, causes dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s.

To enjoy the savory, you can cook it with olive oil. Other than that you can also add food offerings such as the watermelon and ripe papaya. It is because these foods are rich in phytonutrients.


Are you still questing to get the answer to the question of how to increase memory power? Then look for this food item called an egg. The presence of folic acid, B 12 and B 6, prevents cognitive issues and another brain related problem like Alzheimer’s. Additionally, also checks the level of homocysteine present in the blood.

Eggs also have choline, B 3 and B 1 helping in the normal functioning of the brain. The choline present in egg yolk responsible for enhancing chemicals called acetylcholine.

If not egg, then you can add the other forms of vitamin B in your diet. Also, add nuts, seeds and soybeans to the plate.

Black currants

Black currants can be the best answer to the question of how to increase memory power. And you can add this food item liberally because it can prevent the brain cells from aging.

Also, it treats another brain issue like a degenerating brain like Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition to this intake, you can have a liberal amount of vitamin c or citrus foods as well.

It is also useful for treating any kind of stress and anxiety. Decorate the delicious platter with extra items like broccoli, orange, and red pepper decadents.

CBD offers tremendous benefits for overall wellbeing. It improves your physical health by reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and soothing nausea. Beyond that, though, it promotes a calming, relaxing effect that helps CBD for treat anxiety, stress,  depression, mood disorders, and PTSD.

Top 5 memory games

The brain is the natural form of storage whose performance is higher than the computer. But to help it process manifold, improve memory games can help a lot. For more go through the low down list of memory games at once.

Play crosswords

Remember those days when a single newspaper was the reason for the fight between siblings. It was because both were waiting ardently to solve the crosswords.

Remember the bygone days when crosswords were the greatest crush. Well, do you know those crosswords are the real brain feeder when it comes to memory games?

Note that crosswords emerge as a cognitive form of exercise. It also checks the causes of dementia as well.

Trying hands with jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are always the favorite game of the children. If you look for improving the memory for the short term then try solving the jigsaw puzzles.

Arranging the puzzles in arrays of shapes and colors to achieve that desired picture is the ultimate challenge.

Remember, more solving of puzzles mean your brain has to indulge more. The moment you successfully match puzzles, then the secretion of the hormone called dopamine takes place. It increases the level of focus.

Multitasking video games

Multitasking games demands the continuous stimulus action and that improves the cognitive functioning. Such games involve modulation called the neural markings. It helps you to manage any distractions or interference very easily.

Play Chess

Chess is the game of intellectual that can literally challenge your intelligence level. Understanding the board and creating strategies to win on the next house improves the short memory condition.

Experienced chess players use long term strategies that improve the long term memory as well.


The special segment of the newspaper always entices its readers. And that part is the column and row grid with the name written as Sudoku.

Placing the numbers in series and repeating the same with strategy helps your brain to rehearse. The best is that you have to arrange the numbers within 1 to 9 only.

Time for Rebus puzzle

Rebus puzzle is more intriguing. In this game, you have to understand the symbols, picture and the numbers to get the hint of the answer.

However, you need to have clarity regarding the expressions to solve this. It is not similar to the conventional word games. Therefore, here you need to use your brain more profoundly.

Last words

The brain needs the right pampering from you. Therefore, make sure that you take care of that. Make sure to start with the foods. It is because foods leave a great impact on the functioning and structure of the brain. Additionally get more into brain games that again will boost memory power. The article above enlightened you on how to increase memory power.


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