10 best VR games for Google Cardboard

VR games for Google Cardboard

10 best VR games for Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard may not bring the advanced video game artistry that different VR devices like sensory receptor Rift boast of however its reasonable nature has brought the VR school to the lots. Presently, Google Cardboard is additional of associate amusement device and developers too have created bound to develop apps and games that entertain you whereas rental you expertise the magic of VR games. There are varied games obtainable on the Play Store and Apple iTunes aimed toward Google Cardboard users and here are the most effective out of the ton.

(1) Chair In A Room 


Chair in a very are may be a hidden item puzzle game. It additionally contains a dark story line. It riffs a little off of A Christmas carol. You will be visited by varied ghosts. They’re going to attempt to cause you to a higher person. The sport errs on the strange and fantastical, however it’s plenty of fun to play and a superb thanks to inspect what VR will do on robot. The developers do state that you simply ought to have a tool that’s a minimum of pretty much as good as a Nexus five or higher. Otherwise you will expertise some problems. It’s quickly turning into one amongst the must-try VR games for Cardboard and it’s utterly liberal to transfer and play.

(2) Minos Starfighter VR 


Minos Starfighter VR was one among the primary very tight VR games for Google Cardboard. It conjointly accustomed be referred to as finish house VR for people who might keep in mind that one. It’s an area shooter that puts you within the cockpit as you’re taking on numerous unhealthy guys in space fights. The sport primarily lasts forever and you’ll be faveolate up against stronger waves of enemies as you progress. You’ll even have access to ship upgrades, scoreboards, hardware controller support, and a few of the simplest graphics of any of the VR games out there. It’s comparatively cheap and contains no in-app purchases.



BAMF VR could be a straightforward very little Platformer-puzzle game. During this title, you’ll be exploitation transfer to urge around numerous levels to gather crystals and attain ensuing space. It options a full, 360-degree expertise and therefore the developers extremely advocate that you just play either standing up or in an exceedingly chair for best comfort. It additionally options straightforward, colourful graphics, support for numerous input strategies (including Bluetooth controllers), and a family-friendly expertise. It’s additionally utterly free with no in-app purchases. It’s one in every of the higher VR games for each children and adults.

(4) Need for Jump VR 


Need for Jump could be a colourful very little platformer wherever you want to rollick and collect coins. The sport uses the player’s head movements so as to see direction. You look left and right to maneuver in those directions then nod your head so as to leap. It’s conjointly another one in all the few VR games that permits for multiplayer. It’s not the foremost complicated game out there, however it’s an honest very little time killer. The sport is unengaged to transfer and play that makes it straightforward on the notecase as well!

(5) TrinusVR 


TrinusVR isn’t a VR game on the face of it, however it will allow you to play VR games. The overall plan is that you just will use this to play laptop games. Here’s however it works. You’ll connect your device to your laptop mistreatment this app. It then uses head chase and integrates it directly into the sport that you’re enjoying. The sport is then streamed to your receiver that emulates a VR expertise. This offers a pseudo-VR expertise that’s really fairly distinctive. Things may be somewhat in suspense once you’re really mistreatment it, therefore certain make sure take care to use the free demo initial to form sure your system and device will handle it!

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(6) VR Controller 


VR Controller isn’t truly a VR game however it will assist you play them. however it works is you utilize this on associate previous or unused device and it turns that device into a Bluetooth controller. You’ll be able to then use that controller on VR games that need one (like several on this list do). it absolutely was developed for the Samsung Gear VR however the developers claim that it supports Google Cardboard and alternative Android-powered VR headsets still. It’ll run you $3.99 however we tend to urge you to undertake it out quickly thus certify that it works before the refund time runs out.

(7) Proton Pulse 


Proton Pulse is maybe the foremost intense game of mephitis ever created. The sport uses head-tracking controls that permits the player to maneuver a paddle round the game screen by moving their head. Your objective during this one is to bounce numerous objects back wherever they came from. It options some fairly intense, colourful graphics, a lot of explosions, and a futurist theme. The developer has another VR game referred to as V Vanguard that is not unhealthy either. They are a bit previous, however each ought to be tight VR games!

(8) VR X-Racer 


VR X-Racer is associate degree infinite runner game wherever you’re tasked with avoiding obstacles whereas traveling terribly quickly. You’ll get points for things like close to misses and striking blue rings that seem in your path and your goal is to urge the very best potential score whereas traveling as so much as potential. It’s comparatively straightforward compared to another games on the list. However, it will offer you the choice to play with a game pad or with head chase as your controller. It’s unengaged to transfer and play with the in-app purchases accounting for upgrades like no advertising.

(9) VR Space: The Last Mission 


VR Space: The Last Mission could be a house combat arcade shooter that when once more puts you within the cockpit for a few epic house battles. It conjointly utilizes endless runner mechanics wherever you’ll get unlimited play against more and more tough waves of enemies. The graphics area unit pretty good and therefore the controls appear to be with competence done in addition. It supports game pad use and you’ll shut down the VR and play it while not Cardboard if you wish to. It’s conjointly comparatively cheap at $0.99.

(10) Wrong Voyage VR 


Wrong Voyage may be a hybrid between a puzzle game, a platformer, and there are unit even some independent agency components baked in. You’re enjoying as somebody World Health Organization has discovered an odd ruin and your job is to explore it. You’ll use your weapon to create platforms move concerning and you’ll tought to safely navigate the parcel while not drop-off. The sport ought to work on most Cardboard variants along side different Android-powered VR headsets. Concerning the sole caveat is that you simply area unit needed to own a Bluetooth controller so as to play the sport. Otherwise, it’s fully unengaged to transfer and play. It’s value noting that this developer has four different VR games that are pretty good.


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