How to Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows


Install ADB and Fastboot driver on Windows with 15 sec ADB installer


1) let’s download ADB Installer setup file by XDA member @Snoop05. It not just installs ADB but it also installs Fastboot and USB drivers within a short time of 15 seconds.

2) After that run the Exe file adb-setup.exe.

3) Then look at command window, and follow the instruction. If you install the ADB and Fastboot driver then Type ‘Y’.

4) After giving the command ‘Y’ it will install the ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC and then it will copy the required files to your particular location.

5) Again type ‘Y’ to install the device driver. This may take few seconds to install the device drivers and after that, the command window will automatically close.

6) Congratulations!! You have successfully installed ADB and Fastboot on your PC/Laptop.

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Install ADB and fastboot on Windows with Minimal ADB and Fastboot

1) Firstly you need to download the Minimal ADB and Fastboot setup by XDA member @shimp208.

2) After that run the file minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.3.1_setup.exe.

3) After you need to Follow the wizard’s instructions and then select the location where you will install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot in your device.


4) After all these you need to choose the file location and complete the whole setup by the following instruction.

5) Finally you have successfully installed Minimal ADB and Fastboot on your Windows PC.


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