How to Easily Acquire US Green Card

Easily Acquire US Green Card

A lot of people may ask, what is the easiest way to get or obtain permanent residency or a Green Card the easiest but right way? According to Ashoori Law, there are a couple of ways that you can acquire US Green Card easily, all you have to do is to read through this amazing article that can help you acquire US Green Card easily.  

One of the most interesting topics when it comes to acquire US Green Card is a process called “National Interest Waiver, or known as NIW. It is one of the most powerful options given to highly certified people who are eligible for a green card, and it can be done by self-petition. What’s impressive about the NIW is that you can get approval without having to seek an employer to provide you a job offer in the United States.

What is the National Interest Waiver?

Having an employer file a petition for an employee to work in the United States is a long, tedious process that may take even months. Also, it may hinder the employee from working if he is on a fixed contract. Part of the process is that the company must provide proof that they have tried hiring people from the United States but are not able to do so for a lot of possible factors. Unskilled employees, lack of experience, and travel time are some of the reasons employers provide as a reason for not being able to hire somebody from the United States.  

The company must also show that they have attempted to hire employees from the United States by having the job openings posted on ads. Also, the proof that they had it announced and must also be able to provide proof of interviews done to employees who were not able to meet the standards of the job. Therefore, having the company decide to hire someone from a foreign country. This process is known to be very tedious, expensive, and very complicated, not to mention that it is costly as well. Some employers see this process as a waste of time, sometimes.

The United States has opened an option for foreign personalities to apply for a green card without having an employer in the United States back you up. This can be done through self-petition, not needing any documentation of any job offer or working contract. There is also no need for the employer to act as your sponsor for the application process. 

The National Interest Waiver, under the Immigrant Category EB-2, allows individuals from a foreign country who has special skills and abilities that an employer in the United States might need. Fields of expertise being looked into are business, science, arts, and other elected positions for a green card. The requirement that an individual must have a full-time workload with a US Employer is waived on this one. 

Speed in Processing Time

Compared to other immigrant visa requests, going through the NIW means no waiting for months or years before you get the petition approved. The petitioner is not required to submit documentation and go through the process of labor certification. For traditional employer-sponsored petitions, it can take long processing time to get to the first step of the process, and thankfully for NIW, this is not necessary anymore. 

Required Documents

The documents that are being required from an individual would depend on certain circumstances circulating your request or self-petition. As what others call it, documents needed to be presented are “Case to Case Basis,” and an immigration Lawyer can clarify a lot of these questions. The embassy or consulate would also be advising you to have an immigration lawyer assist you so that you can have a smooth application process.

Remember that not all requirements apply to all petitioners, but the general list of requirements is:

Proof or copies of education attained

Evidence of exceptional ability (only if applicable)

Citation report

Curriculum Vitae

Testimonials from experts in your field

Copy of the biographic page of your passport

Evidence of the receipt of grants/patents

Published material about you/your field of endeavor

Evidence that you have reviewed the work of others

The list can go on depending on your circumstance. 


There are four considered as main requirements when you go for an NIW application such as:

  1. The petitioner must qualify under the EB2 immigrant category. The EB2 Immigrant category generally focuses on the special abilities, and profession one should have.
  2. The reason for your application under NIW should have national importance and substantial merit.
  3. The US must see that your application and approving your request is beneficial to the United States. 
  4. You are qualified and is capable of advancing to your proposed endeavor.

Knowing that there is a process which can be faster compared to other types of immigrant visa application, always seek assistance with the embassy, consulate and an immigration lawyer who can help increase the possibility of getting you that green card. 



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