Here’s How You Can Fix Slow Internet at Home Amid Lockdown

Fix Slow Internet

We all are about the current situation. WHO has already declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic. And there are thousands of people worldwide who are infected with COVID-19. So, at this hard time, every Government around the world are trying to fight. Most of the nations have already declared countrywide lockdown. And it’s very important to stay at home to break the chain of Coronavirus. While staying at home, you can do many works. However, while staying at home these days, you probably have noticed slow Internet in your mobile or PC that you are using. So, here is the guide to fix slow Internet amid lockdown.

As you know, most of the people are staying at home nowadays. So, almost every mobile is consuming high data. People are watching movies, doing video calls. And that’s the reason behind the slow Internet. So, if you want to fix slow Internet, then you can try the below methods. We can’t give you a guaranty that following these methods will make your Internet faster. But, you can follow the steps so that you get the best possible speed and you don’t run out of data. These are some of the simple steps that you can follow.

How to Fix Slow Internet?

Use Minimum Devices

As you know that everyone is using the Internet in lockdown. So, just try to use minimum devices and turn off Wi-fi or data on other devices. If you are using a Wi-fi connection or Mobile hotspot, then make sure that the devices that you are not using are not connected to the Wi-fi.0

Just use the Wi-fi on the devices that you are using currently. When you turn off the Wi-fi connection on other devices that are connected to your Wi-fi, it’ll improve the Internet speed for sure.

Often, we turn on the Wi-fi or Mobile data connection for no reason. So, stop doing it because it can improve both your and other’s Internet speed. Just turn it on when you need it. And you’ll be able to find a difference for sure.

Turn Off Auto Update

Check your devices and make sure that you have turned off the auto-update feature. In Windows and Android devices, the auto-update is turned on by default. So, you should turn it off and update the apps if you need them. Although it’s good to update apps, but update them at a time.

Don’t turn on auto-update. Because it’ll consume your Wi-fi or mobile data in the background. On Windows PC and Laptops, you can go to Services and Applications>Services>Windows update and disable the Windows update for a while. When you turn it off, it’ll not update the Windows in the background.

On Android smartphones and tablets, you can go to the Google Play Store>Settings>Auto-update apps and turn off the auto-update. When you do this, it’ll not update the apps in the background of your device and won’t consume a lot of data. So, you’ll get a better Internet speed.

Watch Movies/TV Shows in Offline

If you want to stream a movie or TV show with a slow Internet, you may face a buffering issue while watching the movie. No one likes buffering while watching their favorite movie. So, to fix the buffering issue, you can download the movie or TV show in offline mode.

When you download the movie in offline mode, you no longer need an active Internet connection to watch the movie. It’ll be available on your device in offline mode. So, you can turn off your Wi-fi or data connection and enjoy the movie without buffering.

Most of the popular media platforms like Netflix, Prime video, etc offers offline video downloading that you can use. And it’s completely legal. The movie or TV show will be available on your device unless you remove them. So, you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or TV show anytime.

Reboot Your Router

If you are using a Wi-fi connection and using a router, then you can try restarting your router to fix the slow Internet. Sometimes, restarting your router may solve the speed issues. So, make sure to restart your router when you face any speed issue while using a Wi-fi connection on your devices.

You can also try calling the customer care of your broadband company and they might fix the issue. Sometimes, broadband customer care becomes very helpful and they solve the issue. However, you may not get the solution every time.

You can also try restoring the defaults of your router and configure it properly. To reset your router, just search ‘reset+router model name’ on Google and you’ll get the guide for sure. Before restarting your router, if you are using a static IP connection, make sure that you have noted your static IP address so that you can configure it after restring your router.

Don’t Update Games

If you play large-sized games on your PC or smartphone, sometimes it downloads large-sized files for no reason. And at that time, you may face Internet speed issues. So, just disable the auto-updates of the games and make sure that it’s not downloading any large-sized files.

If you are using a router, you can go to the control panel of your router (Search control panel+router model on Google to get the admin panel address) and find which device is using most of the data.

When you find the device, you can investigate and find out if the device is consuming data for no reason. So, if you manage to make the device less consume data, it’ll improve the Internet speed of other devices for sure.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you liked this guide. If you liked, you can share it with your friends and family on different social media platforms. You can use the share buttons below to share this post. You can also comment down in the comment section below and provide your feedback. And don’t go outside until you have an emergency. And don’t forget to wear a mask when you go out.


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