How to Use Skype to do Video Calls with Your Friends Amid Lockdown


In this lockdown, the only thing that you can do to meet your friends and family members is video calls. After the Coronavirus outbreak, most of the nations around the world have declared nationwide lockdown. And you must obey the lockdown. Because Coronavirus has become a global pandemic. And it spreads from human to human. So, social distancing is very important at this time to break the chain of infection. However, if you are maintaining social distancing, and at home quarantine, then you can meet your friends in video calls. There are plenty of apps that help you to do video calls for free. But, among them, Skype is one of the most popular ones. So, in this post, you’ll get the guide of how to use skype on your smartphones and PC.

Skype, the video calling and communication platform from Microsoft, is already a very popular platform. And after the COVID-19 outbreak, many users preferring this platform for meetings and personal video calls. You can use it for both personal and professional video calling. If you want to do a meeting with your employees virtually, it’s possible through this platform. So, it’s no doubt that it is one of the best video calling platforms available on the Internet.

Why Use Skype?

If you are probably thinking ‘There are many video calling platforms are available. But why should I use Skype?’. Well, then let me clear your thoughts. Yes, there are plenty of video calling platforms are available nowadays. Especially for smartphones, there are social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, that offers free video calling to your friends and contacts. But, the problem with social media video calling is, none of them are professional.

Social media platforms are great for personal video calling and can be used to do video calling with your friends and family, but if you want to do professional video calling meetings with your employees, you need a professional video calling platform to do that.

That’s why Skype comes to the top when it comes to professional video callings and virtual meetings. Recently, after the Coronavirus outbreak, the Zoom video communication platform got very popular in professional meetings. But, after the recent Zoom Controversy, people are searching for the best alternatives to the Zoom software. So, if you are also searching for Zoom Alternatives, then Skype is one of the finest ones that you can use.

So, I think if I describe all the features of Skype, you’ll probably know why it’s considered one of the best video calling platforms.

Skype Features

Single and Group Video Calling

On this platform, you can do both personal and group video calling. So, if you want to do a video call with your best friend or with the group of your friends, then you can use this app. You can also do a virtual meeting using it and can join the other meetings. In a single group, you can add up to 24 people and do group video calling. The group video calling feature of Skype is in the trending now because of the lockdown.

Chat and Calls

Not only just video calling, but you can also do text chatting and voice calls on this platform. But, the unique thing about this platform, is, you can call any number and make voice calls from anywhere in the world. Whether the number is available on Skype or not, you can do voice calls using this platform. However, if the contact is available on this platform, you can do it for free. But, if it’s not available, you have to purchase some credits to make the voice calls.


Skype is a communication platform from Microsoft, the tech giant. So, you can expect top-level security while doing the video calls on this platform. Because, Microsoft is a well-known company and Windows is the most used operating system for PC. So, it’s oblivious that Microsoft’s communication platform would be secure enough. And you won’t face any data breaching issue.

Multi-Platform Support

You can use Skype on almost every major operating system. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and other platforms. For every platform, it has dedicated app support. So you can do communicate with your friends without any issue. A dedicated app makes it easier to communicate.

Screen Sharing

On both Android smartphones and Windows PC, Skype allows you to share the screen. So, you can share your screen with your friends or colleagues using this platform. It’s very easy to share the screen using this app.

How to Install and Use Skype on Windows?

  • To install it on Windows PC or Laptop, first of all, download the program file from the link below.
  • [su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”10″ radius=”0″ icon=”icon: download”]Download Here[/su_button]
  • When the download process finishes, install the application on your Windows PC.How to Use Skype
  • Now, open it.
  • If you are using it for the first time, you have to create a new account. You can also sign in using your Microsoft account.How to Use Skype
  • After signing in, you’ll see the dashboard of this platform.
  • How to Use Skype
  • From there, you can make a group or single video calls, normal calls and chat with your friends and family.

How to Install Skype on Android?

  • To use this platform on your Android smartphone or tablet, first of all download the app using the link below.
  • [su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”10″ radius=”0″ icon=”icon: download”]Download Here[/su_button]
  • Install it on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • After finishing the installation process, open the app from your app drawer.
  • You’ll see the welcome screen. Click on ‘Let’s Go’.How to Use Skype
  • Now create a new account or you can sign in using an existing account.
  • After finishing the sign-in process, you’ll find the dashboard. You can choose your contacts from there and do chat, voice and video calls.

How to Use Skype

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you liked this guide about Skype, one of the best communication platforms. If you liked, you can share it with your friends on social media platforms. And them to use this app for communication amid lockdown. If you have any queries, just ask them in the comment section below. You can also provide your feedback in the comment section. And don’t forget to wear a mask if you go out.


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