5 Ways to Protect Your iPhone’s Screen

iphone screen protection

When it comes to phones, their number one affliction is cracked screens. If it hasn’t happened to your phone, you probably know of a phone that has suffered this demise.

Oftentimes, a damaged screen is an aesthetic issue; the phone maintains its other vital functions. It creates a moral dilemma for phone owners—do I buy a whole new phone just because my screen is cracked, or do I live with the crack because I paid a lot of money for this device?

Phones are expensive, and they have become vital parts of our everyday lives, so it is well worth investing in screen protection to extend your phone’s life to the extent possible.

Here are five iPhone screen protection tips that you won’t regret following.

1. Non-Slip Case

The best iPhone screen protection tip is to not drop your phone so you never need to replace your screen or phone. However, saving your iPhone screen is easier said than done.

Phones tend to be slippery, which makes them hard to hold on to at times. Investing in a non-slip case can do wonders because it will make the phone easier to grip, decreasing the likelihood that it slips out of your hand.

2. Case With a Raised Lip

A case with a raised lip will do wonders if your phone falls face down. It will prevent the screen from making direct contact with the ground or other hard and damaging surfaces, which will keep the iPhone from getting scratched. This type of case will also absorb some of the shock upon impact, further preventing cracks.

3. PopSocket

Consider sticking a PopSocket on to the back of your phone. Designed like an accordion, you can pop the PopSocket in and out depending on whether or not you are using it.

When not in use, the PopSocket lies flat against the back of your phone. When in use, it pops out, creating a comfortable and secure handle to use while you’re on your phone. It allows the phone to be held safely in all sorts of positions (one-handed phone use, for example), decreasing the occurrence of damaging falls.

4. Screen Protector

Keep your phone from getting scratched, and purchase a stick-on screen protector. It is essential when it comes to iPhone screen protection.

There are a couple of types of screen protectors you can buy—plastic and tempered glass. Plastic protectors will prevent your phone’s screen from getting scratched, but they aren’t so great for protecting against cracks. Tempered glass screen protectors will protect against scratches, and they provide added reinforcement to help prevent the screen from cracking. Apart from that, both types can be upgraded into a privacy screen protector that will secure your screen from prying individuals.

5. Phone Holder for the Car

Dropping the phone in the car happens to everyone, and it happens often. Cars are full of hard surfaces for the phone to hit on the way down and places for it to get stuck and scratched as you try to fish it out. Using a phone holder while you drive will nip this problem in the bud and save you you the cost and hassle of a screen repair.

iPhone Screen Protection Is an Investment in Your Phone’s Future

iPhone screen protection is a must. It will help keep your phone in your hands instead of somewhere on the ground, and it will protect it on the occasion that it slips through the cracks. So take these tips and invest in screen protection before it’s too late.

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