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icon packs

4 awesome icon packs you’ll love

icon packs

Android the platform that runs on most of the devices across the world is like by the public because of the features it provide. One main feature that it provides is customizability. Android is the only operating system available till date that offers high end customization with its user interface. It is up to you whether you want to change your theme or change icons all can be done with android.

Basically the user interface that android provides is some sort of boring after a week or two of continuous usage. After that we would think of customizing it ourselves but as a non rooted user the things that we can do is just use a launcher to change theme or use some wallpapers. None can do anything more than this as all the controls are limited by the developers.

Today we will discuss about some ways to improve the look and feel of you android device by the use of certain customizations like icon packs. Installing an icon pack is more efficient and safe to use rather than installing a custom ROM. Also the flexibility that it would provide to change the user interface every time would serve useful to us. So let’s discuss top 4 awesome icon packs for android.

Blackdrop -Icon pack


Blackdrop icon packs have their own specialised icons with a theme of teardrops. This icons pack is developed by DrumDestroyer Themes using the basic android user interface as the base for this themes development. For the teardrop type app icon lovers it a must icon pack as there are few icon packs available in google playstore with this design and Blackdrop is the best out of them. So just head into google playstore, download it and use.

Personally speaking the best launchers and icons I prefer is the one developed by DrumDestroyer themes. The care that they take your their product development and the attention they give to each and every detail are the main reasons why I prefer this icon pack and that’s you too should go for it. Its sure that you are getting a good product for the value you pay.

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Serenity Icon pack


Serenity icon pack is completely different than Blackdrop icon packs as here the application icons are shaped in a square shape with round edges. The colors of the icons are also pleasing to our eyes as they are material light colors with some vintage/retro feeling. The moral is that its the best choice for those who prefer old styles and don’t want to give strain on your eyes.

In addition to the icon packs you will also get 16 original wallpapers and 2000 high quality icons inbuilt in it. The cost you want to pay for this is around 1 USD.

Around Icon pack


Every icon packs have their own speciality likewise around icon pack is famous and liked by many for its round shaped icons. It is developed by FLATEDGE team keeping in mind users requirement for an interactive user interface and giving precise attention towards the look of high quality icons.

Around has the icons with round shape and of 192×192 high quality icons. The icons has some glowing effect around the round edges due to the transparent circle around the icons. They have also included the shadows effect for each icons which gives them simple and beautiful look. This icons packs give us dynamic calender support and some cloud-based wallpapers along with the basic wallpapers coming inbuilt with the icon packs.

IconX icon pack


IconX is developed by MB Dev with different icons shapes and styles. This icon pack contains more than 2500 icons for different applications and more than 140 wallpapers of high definition prebuilt with the icon pack. The icons are different from the basic icons provided by google. They have colorful outlines along with the icons. This was not first developed by MD Dev the main man behind this was Mowmo in his TowPixel icon pack.

Hope you like our choices and if you want to suggest us more then please comment.


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