Enjoy portrait mode from pixel 2 on non-google android devices


Enjoy portrait mode from pixel 2 on non-google android devices

Everyone of you might be aware about google image processing technologies that they basically implements in their smart devices. One year back they launched their pixels series of smartphones which contained the HDR+ technology with their camera interface of smartphone. Last year they launched their successor series of pixel that is pixel 2 and pixel xl 2 which became the best smartphone of 2017. This year when other smartphone giants launched dual camera phones google continued with single camera and introduced a new technology with it and left dual cameras behind.   The portrait mode specified by them was amazingly a wonder and improved one from another thousand dual camera smartphones. The pixels lineup unlike the previous generation nexus series from google are far expensive and we know that everyone cannot afford it to enjoy the great hardware and image processing technologies of google.

The usage of the google camera ports with their previous years HDR+ technology will somehow improve the image quality of some devices not developed by google too. For example in the devices like Essential phone the bezel less one and the oneplus 5 and also even in the midrange phones like Xiomi Redmi Note 4 got an improved image quality. The camera of pixels 2 or pixels xl 2 has not improved to a great extend but we can say it has improved somewhat from previous generation pixel devices. To attract more customers and suggest the market it has done something new they have added new features like Motion photos, Face Retouching and Portrait mode.

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After some result we came to know that we can get Motion photos without a pixels device by some methods that is there is no real requirement to get such pics like pixel 2 device. Google has a separate application named Motion Stills to capture or click moving images. There are many other alternatives available for this tasks we will mention it in further updates.

But the Portrait mode of Google pixel 2 device is difficult to clone. It was thought that the work of google might be ported to other single camera sensor containing devices of early 2017 but it was not the scenario they kept it for themselves. It may be possible that the future 2018 device may contain this feature as google may agree to share their feature with other brands.

A known developer from XDA named Charles I was the first one who proposed that changing a port in older pixel devices and nexus devices can make the portrait mode to work fine like the latest ones. His developed port was developed as an application named Camera NX 7.3. The base of this application is the Google camera application 5.1.016 which is actually an old version but it contains all the feature available in latest versions. Soon many other developers like Arnova8G2 came together and brought HDR+ enabled google camera app for snapdragon devices and also brought Camera NX 7.3 application to non google devices by some hardwork.

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The result they got after the work was amazing and got correct result but the only problem is its not for everyone. Only the smartphones with android 8.0 or above can make use of this new technology .Also after certain experiments the port was working correctly on mi5/5s but on LineageOS 15 not on original Xiomi rom, Oneplus 3 ad 3T with OxygenOS 5,Moto G5s plus and also in Galaxy Note 8 with oreo built. The only conditions required for this port to work is that the camera should properly detect the human face so that it can process and segment the background from the face and blur the background, manual touching on screen and focusing may also work adn replaces the Lensblur option in camera view.

Below we have attached the port files for google pixel,pixel xl and nexus 6p devices. Download and install as a regular application as its a basic apk.


For the portrait mode to work you must have a 64 bit processor containing device with android 8 oreo or any custom rom equivalent to it. For pixel 2 and pixel xl 2 it works for both the front and back camera but by this port application only the rear camera may work with the portrait mode technology of google. For this you need to change the following setting and enable unknown sources:

Go to Settings>Security to install APK.


camera_nx_v7.3_ZSL_chromloop.com-fix-blur.apk | Mirror [Non-Google Devices]

camera_nx_v7.3_ZSL_chromloop.com.apk [Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P]

The better way to check if it works for you is to try for once.


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