List of Organizations, Governments Who Banned Zoom Software

zoom banned

After the COVID-19 outbreak, many people are staying at home and working from home. It is a very good step to work from home. Because COVID-19 spreads from human to human. So, anyone comes to direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, there’s a huge risk of the infection. That’s why social distancing is important to stop the spread of Coronavirus. While staying at home, people are using video calls for communication. And it’s a good step that people are using video calls to communicate with their employees, colleagues, etc. However, Zoom video calling software got popular after the COVID-19 outbreak. But, recently after all the controversy, many organizations are banning zoom. So, in this post, we’ll share the list of Zoom Banned.

It’s no doubt that Zoom is one of the best video calling apps ever. But, recent security breaches game it a bad reputation. That’s why many organizations and governments are banning Zoom video calling software for their employees. Zoom banned in these organizations because they choose not to use an app that has privacy-related controversy. And it’s a good thing. However, currently, Zoom video communication software is not banned in particular countries, but specific organizations.

Zoom Controversy at a Glance

Zoom is a video calling software for Android, PC & iOS. This video calling software got very popular after the COVID-19 outbreak. Zoom is ideal for online meetings, conferences and webinars. It was already a popular platform for online webinars.

Zoom video conferencing software has many features. That’s why people liked it so much amid the COVID-19 lockdown. On Zoom, you can do both personal video calling and professional group meetings. It has a free and paid subscription. The paid subscription of Zoom offers some extra features like unlimited video calling and other features.

However, recently Zoom got into a big controversy. Recently, it is alleged that Zoom video conference software has some security flaws. Where anyone is joining a personal meeting without the permission of the host.

Also, researchers from the citizen labs of the University of Toronto found that Zoom is routing it’s video calls from Chinese servers. And they are using encryption and decryption for routing. And it is reported that Zoom has three companies in China where they have 700+ employees working on their software. Point to be noted that Zoom is an American organization. So, people are thinking about why it would use Chinese servers.

Zoom is also alleged that it’s selling the personal information of its users to 3rd party organizations like Facebook. And it is doing without the permission of its users. They are selling personal information like Email address, location, etc.

And people also think that Zoom uses fake end to end encryption for the video calls. However, they did not admit that they use fake encryption. Because of these reasons, Zoom got into a big controversy and people are avoiding Zoom for video calling.

However, the CEO of Zoom replied to all the allegations and said that they’ll fix the security issues soon.

Zoom Banned List


Google has banned Zoom for all its employees. So, no one inside Google can use this software for video calling for both personal and professional use. They’ve also told the employees to use Google Duo instead of Zoom as it’s a product from Google.


Nasa has also banned Zoom for all employees. Recently, Nasa announced that no one inside Nasa can use Zoom for video calling because of its recent controversy.

United States Senate

The United States Senate has told it’s members that they should not use Zoom for video calling. Although they did not ban it, they urged that the members shouldn’t use software like Zoom for video calling as it has security concerns.


SpaceX, the popular American aerospace manufacture from Elon Musk, has also banned Zoom for its employees. It is a giant private Space research organization. So, no company would like to use video calling software that hurts employees ‘ security and privacy.


Taiwan has banned Zoom software for all Government agencies. So, no one who is part of the Taiwan Government can use Zoom video calling software for both personal and professional video calling and meetings.

German Foreign Ministry

German Foreign Ministry also has banned Zoom for use. They have told the personals to use Zoom in emergencies only. And they have restricted the users from using Zoom on their personal computers. So, they can only use it if they have some emergency.

Australian Defense Force

When a Zoom users face a situation where someone joins his Zoom meeting without his permission, it’s called Zoom bombing. And recently, an Australian comedian faced Zoombobming where someone zoom bombed in one of his meetings. After this incident, the Australian Defense Force banned Zoom from using it for all of its members. So, no one inside the Australian Defense Force can use Zoom.

Smart Communication

Smart Communication is a Philippines based ISP. And recently they also have banned Zoom for internal use. It applies to all the employees of the ISP agency. No one from Smart Communication can use Zoom for video calling.

Department Of Education, New York City

The department of Education of New York City also has banned Zoom. They asked the teachers not to use Zoom video calling software for online classes. However, they told the teachers to use Microsoft Teams instead. Because many teachers were using Zoom for online classes.

Clark County Public School

The Clark County Public School in Nevada also has banned Zoom on all their school computers. And they have also asked the teachers to do the same.

Final Words

So, guys, as you can see, many organizations and Governments are banning Zoom for their members and employees. In this situation, it’s up to your choice if you want to use the Zoom software for video calling for not. However, if you are using other video calling software like Skype, then you don’t need to switch to Zoom. If you have any questions or queries, you can ask them in the comment section below. We’ll try to solve your issue. You can also provide your feedback in the comment section.


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