Tips on How to Start a Career as Freelance Graphic Designer

Start a Career

Freelancing is a market disruptor to Start a Career . It changes the traditional 9 to 5 pattern of working and routine to a working system driven by passion. Human beings are genetically programmed to seek freedom. However, this trait gets quickly buried because of our responsibilities and our crippling fear of the unknown. Start a Career makes us settle and become less adventurous. It makes us do work we are not genuinely interested in or enjoy. 

Times have changed to Start a Career . According to the tips from, the improvement of Education and the fact that knowledge isn’t monopolized due to the internet has given rise to studying many things outside the structured school setting. You don’t have to go to school to have a career path. You could decide what you want to do and put all your efforts into it. For instance, you don’t need to go to school to learn graphic design. Even if you do go to school, you don’t need to work for someone else to make a living. The internet has expanded the market for you. 

As graphics designers, it can be choking working for someone else. It takes away your artistic side and forces you to think the way your employer wants you to think. Also, your boss might not reward you as they should be for your creative efforts. Plus, you have to deal with uncertainty from your boss as they could fire you anytime. Many graphic designers are looking for a job. We are sorry to say, but your employer would likely not miss you. Sooner than later, you have to strike out on your own. 

 Get a Superb Graphic Designing Toolkit- Start a Career . 

  • Photoshop came to life in 1988, and it is the go-to graphic designing software for most designers. This is a result of what Photoshop offers. It allows your creativity to soar through its focus on the artistry. So, whatever design you think of in your mind, Photoshop allows you to create it seamlessly. Photoshop lets you do the following;
  1. It allows you to develop your skills easily. 
  2. You can easily transform your drawings into digital designs
  3. Photoshop has detailed instructions
  4. Fast designing process 
  5. Your ideas are quick to come to life. 
  • Adobe Illustrator is the best software to use to create artworks, logos, icons, and a long list of other visual designs with top quality. The software comes with 2D and 3D graphics manipulation, which allows it to be the best when used to design. It also has different fronts. In addition, you can build a design from the beginning or edit a current plan. Illustrator is easy to use, and it comes with up-to-date techniques and upgrades, which make it stable to use. Illustrator allows you to do the following;
  1. It allows you to backup your files on the cloud. 
  2. It has a creative cloud subscription which is expensive but well worth the expense.
  3. You can work on existing designs or decide to build from nothing. 
  4. Faster design process 
  5. It enhances your design
  6. It is also good for web designers.
  7. It makes the design workflow easier. 

Know Yourself

Graphic designers at coursework help say that freelance graphic designing is not only about your skill. It also involves your ability to do business. You have to understand what your clients want and give the exact thing to them. To be a successful freelance graphic designer, you must be truthful to yourself. You have to understand your strong points and your weaknesses. You must ask yourself what inspires you and what takes your energy away. Also, you must know if you are a creative or pragmatic designer or both. When you analyse yourself, write down your strengths, weaknesses, and vision for the path you are going to take. 

Show Yourself. 

You can’t be a freelancer by name alone. You have to bring attention to yourself, unlike being in salaried employment where your boss dictates your roles, and you have tasks to accomplish. There are many ways to do this.

  • One of these ways is to join a freelance platform or a community of freelance graphic designers. When you begin as a freelancer, you might not have your clients, and one of the easiest ways to source for clients is to own a profile on freelancing websites. Through freelance websites, you interact with users who need your services. You can join as many as you can if you can multitask. You could also join a platform and focus all your energy on improving your profile on that platform. 

There are different freelancing platforms yet you can join, thise software allows you to join the community of freelancers and get jobs they will allow you to advance your career. 

  • You could also create a website where you post exciting content which will attract customers for you. People often underestimate the power of a quality website. You can display your niche through your website. Achieve this by posting engaging content that will market you to consumers. Your site could be a platform where you put all your graphic designing work for the audience to see. That way, they know you mean business and are a quality graphic designer. 

Show Yourself through Freelance Platforms. 

You should build a portfolio and decide the website or freelance platform you want to put it on. A portfolio is your gateway to a freelancing career success. Your profile allows you to show yourself without having to do much talking about yourself. It shows your past projects and allows people to have a feel for your future potential. So, your portfolio has to be brilliant to attract clients. To build a great portfolio, you must do the following. 

  1. Make your portfolio showcase your work. Always put your best designs at the forefront. 
  2. Don’t repeat the same type of designs. Your designs must showcase your creativity and diversity. 
  3. Leave out the designs that frustrated you. 
  4. Use your portfolio to tell a story. 

When you are part of a community, and you have a made number of professional contacts. You can ask those who had become freelancers before you how they did it, something as a college essay writer. If you are active within the community, they could start to outsource their jobs to you. 

Know your Clients. 

You have chosen a freelance path, and you are now in tune with yourself and your abilities. That’s not all. You also have to understand your clients. Understanding your clients is key to the success of your freelance career. Without clients, there is no you. Make your clients feel special by making you be about them. Personalize the information you would pass to your clients and make it not be only about the money. 

During a conversation, please pay attention to your clients and ask them for clarification on what they want. It would help if you never assumed for your clients. Remember, it is better to have too much information about a job than to have little. 


The freelance journey is exciting as it is dangerous. It would be best if you were ready for the challenges you will face, and with the tips we have provided, it will be an easy thing for you to do. 


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