Nursing Tips: Considering Everything When Breastfeeding


If you’re a first-time mum, this blog will help you to learn new things to make your baby nursing easier, we researched the best tips and tricks that will make your breastfeeding easier, and without ease, we got you covered with the most convenient tricks. It is always ‘NotTooBig’ for us to help you to learn more about nursing and how you can make it easier. We listed a few tips that can make it happen.

Why should you breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is said to provide the best nutrition for your baby. It helps to prevent sickness, and less illness means a lesser chance of a hospital trip that can give a huge cost. With breast milk, you can also save money on formulated milk and always be a mum on the go.

Remember, breastfeeding means that you can take your baby to travel without thinking that you might run out of milk to feed your baby. You have an unlimited source of food and nutrition for your baby’s needs.

Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks

Here are a number of key points for making baby nursing a comfortable and easy experience.

Arm Yourself With the Right Baby Nursing Supplies 

Anything that can make your life simpler and more comfortable when nursing your baby is a great welcome addition. Here are the things to consider when you are buying:

  • A well-fitting nursing bra can cover your breasts and allow you to feed your baby without completely undressing. You can stock up on nursing bras before your baby is born and select a larger size because your size may increase as a result of your breast expanding after childbirth due to milk production.
  • Breast pads can also be useful if your breasts leak a little milk from time to time. It would be best to avoid liners that can irritate your nipples; instead, use handkerchiefs or folded-up absorbent clothes.
  • You’ll also need a breast pump, bottles, and breast milk storage bags to pump and store milk.
  • You can also use a nursing pillow for extra comfort. 

Predict Your Baby’s Desire

Rather you wait for your baby to cry, look for signs that your baby is hungry. Your baby has other ways of telling you that they are hungry besides crying, and they may:

  • Turn their head repeatedly.
  • Open or close their mouth.
  • Stick their tongue out.
  • Suck on whatever is close.

If you see your baby making any of these moves, offer your breast immediately to ensure that your baby does not struggle for your attention, and you will also build a level of intimacy that can deepen your bond.

Be Comfortable and Relaxed

In addition to making sure both you and the baby are comfortable while nursing, try to relax as much as possible. If you are tense and nervous about breastfeeding, your baby will not latch on properly and may disrupt your baby’s breastfeeding. Examine your surroundings as well. Consider a happy place if you are in a stressful or uncomfortable environment.

Give yourself a pep talk for a few minutes before nursing, and take a few slow deep breaths. This should be a fun time bonding with your new bundle of joy, not a stressful one.

Support Your Baby Find The Right Position

While breastfeeding, your baby will likely find the best position for them. You need to pay attention, so you make it to get there quickly. There are a few guidelines that you can use as a reference to find a position that will work.

  • Your baby’s mouth should be at the level as your nipple.
  • They shouldn’t have to turn heads much at all.
  • Their heads should be slightly tilted backwards.
  • Allow them to latch onto the entire areola, not just the nipple, if possible.
  • Their chin should be directed against your breast to clear their nose.

Don’t force these positions on your baby. They might prefer a slightly different position, so just let it happen naturally and breathe easily.

Try Different Nursing Positions

There are various breastfeeding positions that you can try to help your baby to latch on better and help your breast empty more effectively.

Here are four breastfeeding positions that you should try: 

  • Cradle Hold – This is the most common hold that many mothers begin with. Cradle your baby with the arm on the side from which they are nursing. Your baby’s head should rest comfortably in the bend of your elbow, facing your breast, with their body turned inward to you.
  • Cross-Cradle Hold – This is similar to the cradle hold, except you hold your baby with the arm opposite the breast while nursing. With one hand, support your baby’s head and bottom in the bend of your elbow.
  • Football Hold – This position entails tucking your baby under your arm as if you were holding a football. Hold your baby to your side at your waist level, and support her back with your arm.
  • Side-Lying Position – Place your baby next to you while lying on your side, and raise your breast to be within your baby’s reach so your baby can easily access your nipple.      

Stay Hydrated

Water replenishes the body, so drink a glass of water whenever you breastfeed. Yes, every time! This will ensure that your body can produce enough milk and that you stay hydrated.



Breastfeeding is one of the most relaxing ways and the closest bond a mother can have to a child, so it is better that you and your baby are relaxed and connected by it. For first-time mums, it’s hard to adjust, but it won’t take long until you get used to nursing a baby.

You are the most important part of your baby’s nutrition. You need the proper hydration while nursing a baby. You need the right environment and position to lessen the negative energy that can affect you and your baby.


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