Download IQ Option APK Latest Version 2021

Download IQ Option APK Latest

You have probably heard about APK or Android Package Kit files if you have used an android device for an extended time. In the simplest terms, APK refers to the file format necessary for the installation of software on Android operating systems. APK files are generally for newly built apps that are leaked ahead of time. However, there are some other advantages for an android user as well. Let’s see how to download IQ option APK latest version 2021. 

So why use APK files in the first place?

APK files are available for a myriad of reasons as well will discuss here. 

Overcoming Restrictions

APK Apps are best known for allowing users to download and install a particular app that may be restricted, regulated or outlawed in a certain country or region. As these Apps are not available in Google Play, one can easily get the app via an APK. 

Google Updates 

To get the latest updates from Google, one can use APK files. These updates normally take a long time to be released. However, you can get them easily by downloading APK files. 

Google Play store Restriction

It may so happen that you are not being able to directly access Google’s Play store and hence, cannot download your favourite app. In such cases, APK files are the only option to access such software. 

About the IQ Option APK App

IQ Option, which is a well-known, award-winning trading platform, providing clients with an opportunity to trade over 500 assets spread across different categories. CFDs on commodities, stock indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and forex.  Additionally, IQ Option is known for providing binary and digital options(normal as well as OTC), available for only non-regulated traders.  There is a whole new category of options trading called FX options which are made specifically for regulated traders. You can download it directly from here.

Features of IQ Option APK 

The features of the IQ Option APK App is the same as those found in the regular app. However,  the IQ Option APK App has the added advantage of providing binary options to people who cant access them otherwise. Some of the prime features of this app are highlighted below. 

Trading Tools and Indicators

Trading requires a lot of different tools and indicators to conduct technical analysis, along with different widgets and charts for trading. The IQ Option APK app provides them with all. Users can even access an earnings calendar, a forex calendar, and news straight from the “Market Analysis” section. They can use graphical tools to plot different lines on charts. Any sharp movements in the market are immediately alerted to the user with the help of a “price movements” alert.  This makes it an intuitive and seamless platform for efficient trading. 

Minimum Deposit and Investment

IQ Option has set the minimum investment amount for all the instruments at $1, except for FX Options, which is set at $30. The minimum deposit for IQ Option accounts depends on the type of account one has selected. It is $10 for regular trading accounts and  $1900 for VIP trading accounts which are only available to non-regulated traders only. 


Available leverage depends on each asset class as well as any regulations that certain users are under. For instance,  the highest leverage setting for regulated traders is 1:30 on certain currency pairs. On the other hand, the highest leverage setting for all other instruments is 1:1000.

Why Should You Download IQ Option APK?

As mentioned before, the main use of the IQ option APK is to provide trading access to non-regulated traders around the world. Because of varied laws and restrictions on binary options trading in many countries around the world, applications that provide binary options trading have been removed from both Google’s Playstore as well as the iOS App Store. This creates a problem for non-EU traders who want to trade binary options. 

To get around this, they can simply install the IQ Option APK App directly from their official website.  However, this is only possible if binary options trading is not banned or restricted in the user’s country. If this form of trading is outlawed in a particular country, its users cannot trade with this app. 

Traders who fall under the jurisdiction of the European Union are not allowed to trade binary or digital options because of laws imposed by the European Securities and Markets Authority(ESMA), whereas non-EU traders can access almost all types of instruments. IQ Option has thus introduced FX Options, which serves as an alternative to digital and binary options for EU traders.  FX Options are not accessible by non-EU traders. 

The APK App mirrors the normal android app, built specifically for such devices. It lets users easily check their account status, execute trades and keep up with the news on the go, directly from a seamless UI. It strives to provide the same functions and tools as available in the browser and desktop versions, as well as the normal Android App. 

How to download IQ Option APK?

The IQ Option APK App is free to download and available on their official website. The APK app can only be used with Android mobile devices and not on iOS devices.  The download link available on the official website will always provide the user with the latest version of IQ Option’s app. 

To begin the download process, simply click on the tab titled “download APK”.  The APK will begin downloading. After it has finished, open the file to begin the installation process. The whole process takes a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes to complete.  When completed, open the App and enter your credentials. In case you have an existing account, log in directly with a user ID and password. If not, there is an option to open a free practice account or a real account as per your choice. 

IQ Option has a well-equipped, seamless and reliable platform which has helped the broker to grow and spread out. It has increased its customer base quite significantly over the last 5 years. Thus, to access IQ Option’s world-renowned service, you can use the IQ Option APK to get around existing limitations. 


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