How to Delete Dashlane Account Easily in 2021 (Step by Step)

delete dashlane account

Do you want to delete your Dashlane account? If yes, then you just have come to the right place. There are many users who often looks for a way to delete their account from this platform. So, if you want to do the same, you can do that easily without any issues. Below, we have described how you can delete your account on this platform. So, you can just follow the steps below to do that. Below, you’ll get step by step guide to delete your account from this platform. So, you won’t face any problem while deleting your account on this platform.

Because, the guide that we have described below is really easy and simple. So, anyone can Delete their Dashlane account without any issues. On the Internet, you may find various method that doesn’t work to delete the account. But, below, we have described the easy and simple original method that you can use to remove your account permenetly. So, you just need to follow the steps correctly, and you can do that without any issues on your device. It is really easy to delete your account from this platform.

What is Dashlane?

Dashlane is a password manager, available for multiple platforms. It is one of the most popular password managers that users use. Dashlane has a good collection of users and worldwide, millions of users using Dashlane to save their password on their preferred device. As it is available for multiple platforms, you can install Dashlane on your preferred OS and sync the passwords across all your device. It’ll help you to get password on your Windows PC, or your Android device. Dashlane is a freemium platform that people use. So, there are both free and paid version of Dashlane are available. You can choose your preferred subscription or use it for free on your device.

Altough the Premium version of Dashlane has some extra features, you can use the free version of this platform and save password without any issues. The reason why Dashlane is popular among users is simple. Because, most of the Internet users who use the Internet regularly, forget about the passwords that they used on several websites. Also, some users prefers to use different passwords on different websites. So, it’s not easy to remember these passwords. And that’s where Dashlane helps you. You can save your password on the Dashlane app, on your preferred device, and it’ll bill the password option when you want to sign-in to the website.

The way Dashlane stores the password is really safe and secure. Because, it encrypts the password when you save a password on the platform. So, if you are thinking your password save or not on Dashlane, then it’s safe and secure. However, if you don’t want to store passwords on Dashlane, you can go ahead and delete your Dashlane account easily. Just follow the below guide to do that. Just follow the guide below.

Why Delete Dashlane Account?

There could be various reasons why you should delete Dashlane account. First of all, if you don’t find Dashlane useful, then you can remove the account. Or if you want to switch from other password manager apps, then you can also delete the account to remove all your data. No matter what the reason is, you can delete account, and get rid away of this password manger platform easily if you wish. There’s no need to be worry about if you can delete the account or not.

Another reason why people choose to Delete Dashlane account is because of safety. Many people don’t want to save password in cloud platforms as the passwords the very sensitive. So, when a user wants to try Dashlane, and after saving some password, if the user doesn’t found it safe, then they can delete the account. Also, some users might not like the interface of Dashlane and they want to use other password manager platforms. So, if you have any of these reasons, then you can just follow the below guide, and delete the account easily without any issues.

Poeple often wants to delete their old Dashlane account, and want to create a new account on this platform. So, this could be another reason why people choose to remove Dashlane account from their device. If you have created a new Dashlane account, and you want to delete the old one, then you can also do that without any issues.

How to Delete Dashlane Account Permenently?

Before you delete your Dashlane account, make sure you have took the backup of the passwords from this platform. Because, when you delete the account, it’ll remove the passwords and you won’t get them. So, make sure you have took the backup.

  1. To delete the account, first, you have to go to the Account Deletation Page of Dashlane. Open the link on your preferred device.
  2. Now, login with your email and password on Dashlane.
  3. Select a reason why you want to delete the account and click on Continue to Step 2.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation code in your email. Just enter the confirmation code and confirm deleting the account.

That’s it. It’ll delete the account from your device. You can uninstall the Dashlane app then from your Android or iOS smartphone if you want. As you can see, it is really easy to delete the account on this platform.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you have found this guide helpful. If you liked this guide, you can share it on your social media platforms. Just use the share buttons below to share this guide. Above, we have tried to describe how you can remove your dashlane account easily without any issues. So, just follow the guide above, and you can do that easily. When you follow the above guide, you won’t face any issues deleting your Dashlane account. So, just do that and you are good to go. If you have any question or queries, you can ask them in the comment section below. You can also provide your feedback in the comment section.

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