9 Creative Ideas for Decorating with Rugs 


We can do a lot more with our rugs than just set them on the floor of our living rooms. Rugs have a massive potential to transform a space entirely, and this is something that you must take advantage of. They are designed in a way that allows them to have an impact. Apart from the positive social impact that they give the weavers that crafted each piece carefully, they also have unique styles that massively impact your space. They add an extra dimension and character to a room. Stepping out of your bed each time on a soft rug gives anyone a cozy feeling. Also, if you have to choose only the floor or the comfortable carpet which gives you the cozy interior, you will always pick the first one.                                                                                                                                                  According to the reports of the professional essay writing service, the traditional way people use a rug is in the living room, there are many other ways to decorate your home with rugs. You can do this in many different creative ways. In this article, we will discuss nine different creative ways for decorating your house with rugs. 

  1. The kitchen

Many people that use rugs in their kitchen tend to use a big rug that runs through the whole length of the kitchen. This is the usual conventional way that people use rugs in the kitchen. However, a much better and creative way is to use two smaller rugs. They work just as fine. 

The nubby texture, cozy and casual look of rag rugs make them ideal. They can warm up appliances and sleek cabinets. It’s also easy to wash them, so you don’t have to fear the effect of kitchen spills on these rugs.

Rag rugs are also created in different muted patterns to give more variety. If your kitchen is narrow, then you can go for a rug with multicolor stripes. This will create an illusion that you work in an ample space. Sometimes carpets in the kitchen are not needed but anyway you have to know this idea to renew your interior.

  1. Dining area

Sheepskin, glamorous, and luxe rugs always come out great no matter where you place them. This is also the case with the dining room or dining area. They can create a lovely setting for your mealtime if you use them as drapes over your chairs. This also adds a beautiful cozy texture to your dining area.

 As a bonus, the rugs can be helpful to unify your dining set that is mismatched if it has layered sheepskins. 

  1. The Reading Area

Some houses have a dedicated reading area. If this is the case for you, you might want to make it more comfortable by adding a small-medium-sized rug. What this does is add some texture into the reading space, apart from giving you a cozy spot for you to lie or rest on as you browse through a magazine or read through your favorite novels.

  1. The bed

This is far from the conventional way to use a rug, but it also works mainly if you are using a minimalist setting for your bedroom. It will help add more pattern and color to your bedroom if you get a flat-weave rug with fringes to top your beddings. Your bed creates an inviting look when it is well made. You can fold the rug to the end of the bed when you are about to sleep. This is an ideal setup for summer, so you don’t need a heavy duvet. 

  1. The bathroom 

You can add a little more decoration to your bathroom by replacing the bath mat with a rug. The ideal setup would be a natural fiber rug that adds warmth and organic texture to help you offset the glossy surfaces around your bathroom. They also do very well in humid conditions. If any water was poured into the rug, it’s very easy to make it dry naturally.

Another option is to go for hide rugs which have both softness and durability as their core features. Also, vintage rugs are not a bad option. It is well-suited to a bathroom, even though that might not be where you want to have it.

  1. Under your coffee table

Your coffee table needs a rug to give it that finished and cozy look. If you lay them on stone or tiled floors, add that element of warmth while adding more texture to wooden floors. Rugs can add character to your coffee table area. Be sure to keep a light design or go for rugs with graphic patterns for a more excellent look. 

7. A settee

One of the quickest ways to give your seating an update without requiring any slipcovers or upholstery is to use a rug. You can drape flat-weave rugs over a settee, sofa, or chair to give you a pleasant and fresh look. You could easily tuck it in the seam and make sure to smoothen the rug downwards over the back of the chair if you are using it. Also, it is nice to leave a foot hanging at the back of this piece. The rug will be kept in place by its weight. 

  1. The wall 

You would agree with me that vintage rugs are as beautiful and impressive as they come. They have intricate and vibrant hues, and their rich handwoven design gives them a unique kind of beauty. They are indeed something to be proud of. So why not display them openly by placing them on the wall. It adds that extra tone of beauty and design to your wall. Many vintage rugs with beautiful styles and patterns can fit into this for you, not to mention some with the warm-tone style and the graphic notes. Some time ago in different countries the carpets on the walls were the main thing of the interior design and more than one rug was even better.  

You might not take this idea for your interior but it could be very helpful if you are looking for creative ideas and fresh air for your brainstorming when you want to make something special.

  1. The daybed

Many people would be more open to the idea of laying a rug over a daybed than over the main bed in the bedroom. However, it works just the same way for both of them. The kind of rug that is ideal for this use is the flat-weave rug. It is perfect for updating your upholstered daybed. What you need to do is get one that is just some inches smaller than the breadth of your daybed, then wrap the rug around the cushion and tuck it in until it is smooth. Then you can add a few throw pillows to add to the beauty. 


You can use rugs in more ways than you can imagine if you fail to look at them creatively. Many people have been unable to pay attention to the different ways that they can use rugs in their homes. Now that you’ve read this article, you now know that rugs are for more than just the living room. They can be used in just about any part of your home if you are creative with them. 



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