Traditional Skirting Boards and Other Designs for Your Home

Traditional Skirting Boards

Numerous styles are available when it comes to skirting boards, and the designs can surely fit the décor of your house. Victorian skirting styles are very affordable, but if they get damaged, they may not be worth repairing. If you decide to fix these kinds of  Traditional Skirting Boards, you may want to take the damaged piece to the workshops near your area, and they can replicate them in no time.

But if you decide to replace the entire area, it may be costly. There are set-up fees and materials that you need to take into consideration. Many homeowners may choose to make their own skirting fashion, but it’s way better to ask the professionals in your area for a more refined finish.

If you are looking to update your skirting boards because they already look old, then you may want to try your luck with the Traditional Skirting Boards. You may renovate your old home and reset the proportions on the floor and walls. From this, the boards’ color may be taken into consideration, and if they don’t go with the new style, you may want to replace them instead. Many wanted the typical brown and maroon shades, but it will depend on your preferences and tastes.

Why Homeowners Install Skirting Boards

Hide Wirings

Wirings can be dangerous and haphazard to look at. Many reception rooms are lined with the Victorian style skirting boards and dado rails to hide electrical wires and outlets. Many of them are functional because they are also used to keep toddlers and pets from being exposed to live wires. Some use these covers to prevent shoe damage on the walls and the knocks from vacuums and brooms.

It can be practical for many to hide the electrical wires in the Victorian varieties. The décor is elegant, and it usually goes with the rest of the room. This is a more affordable option than removing an entire ceiling to conceal the cables and wires exposed in your rooms. 

Cover the Gaps

Even the most skilled construction worker may still find it challenging to keep all the walls aligned to the floors. If you ever found yourself with a work where you are not satisfied, you can cover the gaps instead of reworking everything and spending more. 

This usually applies to those homeowners who have found one or two gaps on the floors and walls. Many people who love the traditional and classic styles may go with the Victorian designs to cover some imperfections and make their rooms more beautiful. 

Prevent Damage to the Walls from Furniture

The skirting boards can prevent damage caused by the moving of furniture and couch inside the home. They prevent the beds and the sofas from being placed near the walls, which can leave unsightly scratches and marks.  The paint and plaster will remain smooth, and the skirting will add a beautiful touch to the room.

Decorative Element of the House

Aside from hiding the gaps and holes, the skirting boards will give your home a more professional and cozy look. It’s common to see in many older homes, and your family will appreciate the warm and classic vibe that they give.  

If your overall house theme is more on the classical side of things, then the moldings are going to be perfect for you. They are the additional aesthetics that you may be looking for in a room, and you can paint them to enhance the contrast between them and the wall.

Choosing the Right Victorian Style

What you need is to look for styles that will look good inside your house. Don’t pick just any kind of skirting board that you’ve just come across. It’s best to talk to a designer and visit showrooms about the looks that will fit best in your rooms. 

You can also browse on the internet to get more ideas on the types that you should be looking for and the overall look of the room that you want to achieve. A unified theme that goes well with the plaster junctions, doors, windows, and other elements in your interior places is something that you should prioritize.

How about Brick Walls?

There are houses made from bricks, and they can be made of irregular stones. You can talk to your designer and see if they would want to convert the walls and hide some of the irregularities on the walls. Many may prefer to expose the bricks on a stone wall, but you can always talk and plan things before doing anything. 

Others use wood as options, and they can be made from pine or oak. The past times have inspired these kinds of designs, especially during Greek revival and the regency of classicism. Everything adds to the home’s grandeur because it blends well with the architrave that is the chief beams found in many doors.

Queensbury Varieties

The traditional types of skirting boards can have Queensbury variety, and this is well-loved by many homeowners. This perfectly blends with the Victorian doors and architraves because it makes everything look glamorous. You can learn more about Victorian houses on this site here.

When you combine the Queensbury with the architraves, it can look similar to that of classic architecture. Although some may want modern skirting boards for a more contemporary home vibe, many will still choose the traditional options as they give the home more character and a warm, welcoming feel.

If you ever want to get one of these for your living rooms or bedrooms, you can choose from the most intricate to the basic styles that can fit your tastes. Other companies made them moisture-resistant and primed, so you won’t have to worry about them for a long time. 

They can be customized, and the installers can purposely hide any pipes, wires, cables, and existing skirtings that you don’t want others to see, so they are very convenient. Just make sure to get in touch with legitimate manufacturers and installers for more information.


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