5 Handy Phone Apps for Drivers

Handy Phone Apps

Most car models that go into production are equipped with a huge number of various useful systems that can be handy to every driver. It seems that many vehicles are becoming smarter than people. However, not every person can boast of having a car equipped with many beneficial features and Handy Phone Apps.

In this regard, we cannot do without our smartphones. Thanks to a large number of all kinds of innovative applications, our road trip becomes more comfortable. Even when we are going on vacation, we prefer to rent a car to comfortably travel around the country. In the United Arab Emirates, car rentals are famous for the huge number of car models that a person can choose for their needs. It’s possible for you to rent off-roaders, convertibles, and sports cars. You can rent Ferrari Dubai and install useful apps on your phone to make your vacation unforgettable.

In this article, we have prepared the top mobile applications and Handy Phone Apps that will provide exorbitant assistance to drivers, wherever they are.

#1 Waze- Handy Phone Apps

The era of paper maps is long gone and the time has come for innovative road navigation solutions. When we set out on a journey in a direction that is unfamiliar to us, we often feel insecure that we will turn the wrong way or miss the right turn. In this regard, an application has appeared that will give us a feeling of confidence behind the wheel.

By installing this application, you can build a route yourself or let the system choose the most favorable route with the least number of accidents and traffic jams. Moreover, while on the move, you will receive full information about the appearance of speed cameras and accidents on your way.

#2 Smart Dash Cam

Having a DVR is a must for every car owner. Thanks to them, in the event of an emergency on the road, we can prove our innocence to traffic police officers.

However, in stores, we can see a huge number of DVRs and making a choice can be quite difficult. Many devices are either expensive or inefficient. In this regard, wishing not to face a difficult choice, you have the opportunity to install the application on your phone, which will serve as a video recorder. 

#3 Petrol Prices

Motorists know that they spend most of their money on gasoline. Even car repairs are not as expensive as fuel. This is especially noticeable for drivers whose work is related to car trips. In this regard, it is necessary to look for ways to save on the purchase of gasoline.

There is an application that can make a list of recommendations, which will indicate the gas stations with the cheapest fuel to refuel the car. You will receive such recommendations every week and will be able to plan your trips, significantly saving your money.

#4 Just Park

In the modern world, the number of cars on the roads is huge. Because of this, we simply have nowhere to park our car. We can drive around the area for hours to find a parking space. Sometimes you have to leave your car in places prohibited for parking, for which you can get a big fine.

However, now you can forget about such discomfort. Using this application, you can easily find a place where you can leave your car. Also, if parking is paid for, then in this application you can pay for the use of a parking space.

The amazing opportunity is that you can also earn extra money. You just need to indicate free parking spaces for other users of the application.

#5 Find My Parked Car

Arriving at shopping centers by car, we can leave our car in one parking space, which is located on a multi-level parking lot. After shopping, we find that we can’t remember which floor our car is on. We have to wander among a large number of cars to finally find ours.

Now you can forget about such suffering because using this application, you can park your car, save its location and go shopping safely. With it, you will also not forget when the parking time expires.


Even if you don’t have a new car that has tons of useful features to make driving easier, you can easily solve this problem by installing free apps on your smartphone. You can get the best route based on traffic conditions, find gas stations with the lowest gas prices, use your phone as a DVR, find free parking spaces, and quickly find your car in large parking lots.


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