Marketing trends in the times of Pandemic


2020 has brought unprecedented changes to society, and with the rise of social media and the rise in popularity of video and story-driven content, marketers will continue to strive to increase ROI in digital marketing in 2021 as new technologies such as artificial intelligence, will become more commonplace. What conclusions can we draw, looking at how spheres and industries are changing? Look at the marketing trends in the times of pandemic here.

  • Brands must diversify their digital content as part of an omnichannel marketing approach to today’s digital consumer.
  • Content and data should be used together for further optimization and SEO benefits.
  • AI will continue to act as a disruptive innovation that marketers need to better understand and use to their advantage
  • Customer retention and learning strategies are more important than ever

Content marketing

Content is the currency of digital marketing, and in order for companies to be able to operate digitally, they need to stay ahead of trends in how they create content for specific platforms. Expert advice ranges from a focus on omnichannel marketing to investing in video content production. In addition, you need to maintain high quality content, as well as not forget the importance of voice search, personalization and the use of AI to promote your content. Content became important in the age of TikTok. You can buy tiktok followers and get more attention on the platform. Short-video trend has shown that original content is very important. It will dominate the attention-competition for many years.

Companies need to be represented everywhere

We are seeing more and more companies focusing on omnichannel marketing and becoming less dependent on a single source of traffic and revenue. One of the reasons for this is that companies are looking for targeted marketing channels and optimizing marketing campaigns to stay ahead of the competition. Another main reason is to reduce the risk of earning income, for example, by over-reliance on Google, YouTube or Pinterest algorithms. The third reason is that most companies want to increase their revenues by attracting new customers, by connecting and using additional channels.

Use-captured videos on your social networks

Video consumption on social media has skyrocketed in the wake of the pandemic. For this reason, the demand for video content on social media has increased among people, be it your customers, employees, or stakeholders. However, doesn’t every company have the capacity or budget to create good quality videos? Not at all. In fact, it is very important to motivate your employees to create video content in-house – this can be easily done using simple online editing services.

But you need to come up with a lot of ideas for future videos? You already have these ideas – take as a basis articles on your blog or webinar recordings and turn them into teasers for social networks. Customer case studies and training videos are ideal content for Instagram Stories. You already have the material, and your possibilities are endless, you just need to figure out how to present it correctly.


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