10 Best Apps For Students To Help Them Study In 2022


We are fairly certain you have Snapchat and Facebook installed on your device. Do you know there are many Google Play Store apps you could find useful? We’ll be discussing 10 of these apps.

These apps won’t help you maintain your snap streak. However, they will assist you in studying better and managing time more efficiently. Unfortunately, popular services that can help me do my algebra homework or chemistry, physics have not yet started making applications, but there are a lot of study tools that will assist you in managing your homework and completing your courses.

1. Stay Focused

Stay Focused is the app to start the list. This app will help you remain focused while you study and not get distracted from other apps on your phone. The app will block all apps on the phone unless you whitelist it. You can even set daily or hourly usage for apps. The app provides daily insight into your usage patterns that will help you determine which apps are the most wasteful. Stay Focused also allows you the option to set a default text for motivation that will display whenever you use restricted/blocked apps. This may help you reconsider your priorities.

Most of the features available in the app can be used for free. However, premium users get more control and access to certain modes. The app is extremely useful if you are easily distracted by social media apps such as Instagram. It is essential for any student using an Android device. For Pixel users, the Stay Focused App is no longer required. They have access to Google’s Digital Wellbeing which does the exact same thing. Screen Time also works on iOS devices. However, the App Store does not have any third-party apps that offer the same functionality.

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2. AppBlock

AppBlock is an app that allows you to block apps for a specified time, even though it’s a simple one. First, you can create profiles that allow you to name and define the times and days for which they are online, as well as the blocked apps. You can also disable notifications for blocked apps using the (OFFTIME) option. These notifications are later accessible from the “Blocked Notifications” section.

This works only if the profile is active. So it may seem simple to switch off the profile and use blocked apps. This is not true. You have the option to lock your profiles. These profiles can only be unlocked once your device has been connected to a power supply. The app can be protected by a PIN code. To fully utilize the app, you can purchase the pro version. This will allow you to create more profiles, store all blocked notification, remove ads, set time intervals, and include unlimited apps in profiles.

Install: Android (free, in-app purchase)

Apple and Google offer built-in tools to prevent you from using third-party applications. You can learn more about how to set Screen Time on your iPhone or Digital Wellbeing on Android.

Best Planner Apps

Once your distraction apps are blocked, you can continue to use your phone for effective studying. Planning is the best place to start. There are many apps that can help you plan your study and make sure you’re not late for any test or class. Here are some apps you can use to get you started.

3. MyHomework Student Plan

MyHomework Student Planner can be used as one of your best planning tools. The app lets you store your homework as well as class schedules in one location. You can also add your class name to the app so they don’t need to be typed again. A list of options that includes lab, project, study and lab can be used to choose the type of homework you want. Give a due date. You can set a priority between high and low depending on the importance.

You have many other features available if you create an app account. myHomework Student Plan supports cross-platform synchronization. This allows you to access all your data from anywhere. Once you’re signed in, it is possible to attach files and set reminders. After you have completed your homework, you can mark the entry as complete by long pressing it. You can also view your calendar in a calendar view. This makes it simple to view your schedule over time.

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4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the best app for you if you want an app that stores not only your study schedule but also your whole day. It is seamless integration with Google products and cross platform synchronisation capabilities make it irrelevant which platform it is used on. The app lets you create an event, set reminders, and even set a goal. You will also receive notifications for all your events.

Google Calendar can automatically add to your calendar all of the events or bookings you have ever received email about. This is especially useful for busy people who don’t have the time to keep track of all their appointments. The app makes it easier to plan because you can make sure that no two tasks overlap. It also makes it easy to search within your entries.

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Best Task Managers

You often don’t complete a task by the deadline. You need a task manager who can keep you on the right track and help you remember everything. They can help you not only get your work done on schedule but also increase your productivity.

5. Todoist

Todoist is my first choice when it comes to task management apps and tasks. As it’s been an extremely popular app for managing tasks, I can see why. What I like about this app is its flexibility to tailor tasks to specific goals. It allows you to organize your tasks according to your workflow so that you can accomplish them with the best consistency.

You can choose to prioritize tasks according to your needs so that you pay attention to urgent tasks immediately. It doesn’t let important things get forgotten thanks to the reminders, due dates and other features. The app also features an intuitive collaboration function that lets you invite your friends and work together on a project. Todoist can be integrated with numerous apps and services such Google Calendar, Slack or Amazon Alexa. You have all the tools you need to manage your to-dos from one location.

Install: Android and iOS (free with In-App Purchases, $4.99/month).

6. OneNote

OneNote can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones. All your notes are synced so you can be certain they will all be available no matter what device you use. This app will only contain the features that you are familiar with – if you’ve ever used OneNote. You should note that you cannot take a quick Note without signing in using Microsoft accounts. Also, synchronization will fail if you do not have an account with Microsoft.

App itself is the best note-taking app on both platforms. You can create several notebooks to organize your notes. You can create separate sections in each note to organize your notes more efficiently. You can create multiple pages within a note. This allows you to type, add pictures and voice record. OneNote’s search feature can also be used to find exactly what you are looking for.

Install: Android, iOS (free)

7. Google Keep

Google Keep allows you to take quick notes. While you can take longer notes, I still recommend OneNote. Keep has many features. You can make simple notes or create a checklist. Keep works in the same manner as OneNote. It allows you to add images and voice recordings to your notes. You can also use different background colours for your notes to make them stand out from the rest. You can also create custom labels if you want to group them. All of this is topped off by cross-platform customisation.

It’s possible that there are some notes that you don’t wish to see every time the app opens, but you don’t need to delete them. If this is the case, you may archive these notes and they will be removed from the main screen. You can delete notes from your computer by going to “Trash”. They will stay there for 7 days, then they disappear forever. You can also set reminders on your notes. Last but not least you can share your notes right within the app with your friends.

Install: Android, iOS (free)

Best Word Processor apps

An app that takes notes is not able to provide enough formatting options for reports. If this is the case, you will be able to download a word processor application that allows you to type and edit files as well as format them. While there are many great word-processing apps out there, these are the two I recommend.

8. Merriam Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary apps shows the meaning of words just like any dictionary. The app can show you the meaning of words, its pronunciation, examples, and a history of the word’s origin. To make it easier to find the right word again, you can save your search history. You can mark any word that you have difficulty remembering as a favorite, and it will appear in the “Favorites” section.

The app will show you the Word of the Day, which can help you to expand your vocabulary. The app offers word games to help you test your vocabulary and make learning more enjoyable. Although there are some ads on the screen, the premium version costs $3.99 and allows you to remove them. Premium content includes graphical illustrations.

Install: Android and iOS (free with In-App Purchases, $3.99)

9. Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary has the largest dictionary collection on iOS and Android, with over 350,000 words and phrases. The app also features a large variety of regionally-specific entries, which can help you learn a specific language. If you are looking to improve your pronunciation or correct your speech, the app has audio pronunciations that can help you pronounce both common and uncommon words. This app has another notable feature: the ability to create folders with a set of words. This can help you build strong vocabulary.

I think that the Oxford Dictionary has an advantage in customization over other notable rivals. You can adjust the app to suit your personal preferences. The premium version also includes an offline mode that allows you to continue learning even if your internet connection is not available. If you’re looking for a complete dictionary app, this is it.

Install: Android and iOS (free with In-App Purchases, $9.99

Best Learning Apps

It can be challenging to learn everything in the classroom. It can also be tedious to learn all by yourself at home. For most people, learning actively with other people is the best way. You can learn from your peers around the globe by using this app:

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy, for passionate learners, is undoubtedly one the best apps on iOS and Android. This learning app will help you to master your Maths and soft skills. The app has more than 10,000 videos, each with clear explanations. This will allow you to easily learn whatever you want. There are also a lot of interactive questions that can be practiced at your own speed to help you overcome any weaknesses.

You will be guided by the app’s quick feedback and it will also help you to identify the areas that need more attention. Personalized recommendations can be provided to ensure your learning stays on the right track. You won’t have spend much time searching for content to enhance your knowledge.

Install: Android, iOS (free)


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