Why Am I Bad at Video Games?

Why Am I Bad at Video Games

While no one likes being bad at anything, people who perform poorly at games are often picked last in team games. This is a worldwide challenge that most players have to deal with. The feeling is even worse if you think you’re performing reasonably okay, but you can’t seem to get ahead. Or maybe you used to be a top-scorer, but you can’t seem to win any games lately.
Such realizations can be disappointing and frustrating, especially if you’re looking to make money from playing online video games. This article will help you understand why you’re bad at playing video games and how you can improve your skills.

Reasons Why You Perform Poorly at Video Games

If you have noticed that you rarely win any games (even solo challenges) and no one ever picks you first during group challenges, then you’re probably pretty bad. Below are some of the reasons why this keeps happening to you.

  • Poor Attention to Detail

Every sport requires discipline and attention to detail. It’s highly likely that you didn’t pay attention to the introduction video or text when you first launched the game, for starters. If this is true, you definitely missed out on crucial aspects of the game’s dos and don’ts.

Imagine trying to drive a Formula 1 car without reading the car’s manual. You’ll either end up crashing or, worse still, barely moving an inch from the starting line. That said, it’s essential to go back to the beginning, read the rules of the game, and understand them before getting started.

  • You Don’t Do Your Homework

There’s a good reason why teachers would always insist on giving students homework – practice! From the assignment, teachers can tell whether students understand the content or not. It’s almost impossible to excel at something without putting in the time and work.

Although some people are fortunate enough to think quickly on their feet, this is not always the case for most. That said, it’s also essential to replay your games from start to finish to see where you underperform.

  • You Don’t Prepare

Imagine taking an exam for a course that you know nothing about. Wouldn’t you fail tragically? The same applies to playing video games. Ensure that you warm up for video games before embarking on challenges. This will give your brain enough time to get stimulated and fully understand what the game requires.

  • Your Memory Is Not So Good

Your memory may not be as good as you think. As tragic as this may sound, it’s probably accurate. If you notice that you keep losing track of things during the game or that you get bored quickly, this is likely the cause of your underperformance. Instead of giving up or changing the game settings, keep practicing until you master the game. After all, practice makes perfect!

How to Improve Your Gaming Skills

If your goal is to become a professional gamer, you should be willing to try a different approach. Here are some skillsets you can adopt regardless of what game you want to play:

  • Plan your time better: Before embarking on a game, you should ensure that you have sufficient time to play to minimize disruptions.
  • Create time to practice: As mentioned earlier, without practice, you will see no results. Take the time to hone your skills, and you’ll be better for it!
  • Set clear goals: To do this, you’ll first have to acknowledge your current strengths and weaknesses before setting your goals. Check your stats and ranking regularly, and you’ll notice a positive change with time.
  • Practice patience: Continually losing can end up killing your energy. Nonetheless, patience goes a long way in giving you the results you desire.


You Can Do It!

Christiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams didn’t become the greatest sportspeople of all time by skimming over things. They worked hard to get to where they are. There’s nothing you can’t achieve as long as you put your mind to it. In the meantime, check out Bitstarz casino review and bonuses to practice what you’ve learned and enjoy playing games and making money.


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