What is Software Development

What is Software Development

Software development is a set of computer science activities. These activities are set up for the creation, programming, designing, and supporting of software.

The software testing services company itself is a set of programs that informs a computer on what to do. This program is the opposite of hardware. It ensures that computers are programmable. There are three basic types:

Programming Software

This is a set of tools that enables developers to write programs. These include computers, linkers, debuggers, text editors, and interpreters. You can check here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_programming for more on these categories of programs. 

System Software

This is the base of application software. It provides core functions. Some of these include operating systems, hardware management, disk management utilities, and other operational requirements.

Application Software

Applications allow a user to complete tasks. Examples of applications include business apps such as CRM, game apps, database systems, e.tc. You might not know this, but there is a possible fourth. It is called the embedded systems software. 

This is used to control devices and machines that are not considered computers. The embedded systems control appliances such as cars, telecommunication networks, industrial robots, and lots more.

An expert with the right degree is responsible for developing software. And these experts are known as engineers, developers, and programmers. You can check out this guide by Sumatosoft to learn more about how to apply them in your service operation. However, they have various roles varies. The role of the programmer is different from the role of the developer and engineer. 

To further elaborate, here are their specific roles:

Software Engineers

These professionals apply engineering ideologies to create systems to solve challenges. They use tools such as modeling language to formulate solutions. These solutions will mainly be applied to challenges generally, instead of merely solving for a particular client or particular instance.

The solutions that these engineers bring must follow scientific methods.

Programmers or Coders

These professionals write source codes to program computers. The source code is for specific tasks such as merging databases, routing communications, or displaying graphics and texts.

Coders and programmers would interpret the instructions from engineers and developers. Then, they make use of programming languages such as Java and C++ to carry them out.


These professionals have less of a formal role than engineers. They are primarily involved with specific development areas. This might include writing code. They also drive the general software development cycle. They work across several functional teams to transform requirements into features, conducting system testing and maintenance, managing development teams, and so on.

The development task is not confined to development teams and coders. Other professionals are also involved in the process. Experts such as computer scientists, fabricators, and hardware designers are also involved. Hardware designers often create codes, even though they are not classified as developers. You can find more here about the many ways to ensure your IT systems are operational. 

Software Development Process

Do you know what a software development life cycle (SDLC) is? Well, it is also termed Application Development Life Cycle. It provides a standard that all development companies would use to create and improve their applications.

It provides the international development team with the standard they need to adhere to. During the creation, maintenance, and designing of top-notch software, a developer must follow the SDLC. The sole purpose of the SDLC is to create an effective product within a specific budget and timeline.

Inside the SDLC is a detailed strategy that explains how to plan, design, and maintain specific applications. Application development life cycle is a way to measure and enhance the development process. It ensures fine-grained analysis of the steps of the process. This then allows them at every stage to maximize efficiency. 

Why is SDLC Essential?

Today, all companies plan to reduce expenses, deliver applications faster, and meet their customer’s needs. SDLC allows a company to achieve this. It ensures that inefficiencies and high costs are limited, thus providing a smooth working environment.

  • It provides the foundation and basis for project planning and estimation.
  • It ensures that there is appropriate project tracking and control.
  • It ensures there is transparency in the workplace. Shareholders get better to understand the plans and procedures of a project.
  • It enhances development speed.
  • It allows for better customer relations.
  • It ensures that there is limited risk in the business environment.

Final Note

Software development is relatively new but constantly growing and improving. The SDLC ensures that developers follow the best practice when designing and building applications. It ensures that work runs smoothly, and it allows for transparency.


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