COVID-19, SARS, & MARS : Every Types of Coronavirus Explained

Types of Coronavirus Explained

After the recent Coronavirus outbreak, thousands of people are infected with COVID-19. Every country around the world is trying to find against this disease. And the World Health Organization has already declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Currently, we don’t have any cure for COVID-19. So, the best thing that we can do to stop the spread of Coronavirus is, we can stay at home. Home quarantine is the only solution as of now. However, many people think that Coronavirus is a new type of virus. And it’s one of the Coronavirus Myths. Because Coronavirus isn’t a new type of virus. We have already seen different types of coronavirus in earlier days.

But, the main difference between the other types of Coronavirus and COVID-19 is, COVID-19 has more mortality rate and it spreads quickly than the other Coronavirus. And as you can guess from the number of recent COVID-19 infected patients, most of the countries around the world are affected by COVID-19. And we have seen more cases of COVID-19 than the other Coronavirus diseases. Other than COVID-19, there are two other Coronavirus diseases that we have seen – SARS & MERS. So, what’s the difference between these three types of Coronavirus? If you want to know the difference, we have provided all the information regarding COVID-19, SARS, & MERS below.


Types of Coronavirus Explained

Full Name: The full name of SARS is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Disease Name: SARS-CoV

First Detected: SARS was first detected in November 2002 in Guangdong province of China.

Cases/Infected Person Numbers: SARS was spread in over 30 different countries. And the number of total infected persons was 8000. This is the official number of infected patients and their test result came positive.

Mortality: There were a total of 774 deaths reported because of this virus. Which gives the mortality rate of 10%. The mortality rate was very high in SARS.

Virus Transmission: SARS transmitted from person to person and close contacts with a person with SARS. It was also spread through the droplets of an infected person. The primary transmission was from cough and sneezes from a person to another person.

Cure: Researchers managed to control the spread of SARS. However, they found some ways to control the infection and it helped to control the spread of SARS.

Conclusion: Since 2004, there hasn’t been any report on SARS. So, reassesses managed to control the spread successfully. It is claimed that the first source of SARS was from Civet Cats. It was first spread from a live animal market. First bats were infected then it spread on humans.


Types of Coronavirus Explained

Full Name: The full name of MARS is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

Disease Name: MERS-CoV

First Detected: MARS was first detected in September 2012 in Saudi Arabia

Cases/Infected Persons: There were a total of around 2500 cases reported of MERS-CoV infection. This virus was mainly spread in different countries of the middle east.

Mortality: The total number of casualties because of MERS was around 850. This virus was spread in 27 different countries of the Middle East. Although there were some African, European countries too.

Virus Transmission: The primary transmission source reported was person to person. So, it could get into a person if the person comes to close contact with a MERS infected person. It was spread through droplets. Sneeze and Cough of the infected person was the main virus transmission source.

Cure: There is no vaccine available for MERS. But, after a few months, researchers successfully controlled the spread of MERS.

Conclusion: Although there was no cure available for MERS, researchers controlled it successfully. And after the few months of SERS outbreak, no case has been reported. The first source of MERS is unknown.


Full Name: The full name of COVID-19 is Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Disease Name: SARS-CoV2

First Detected: COVID-19 was first detected in the Wuhan province of China.

Cases/Infected Person: Currently, there are a total of 1 Million+ active COVID-19 cases all over the world. COVID-19 has spread quicker than other Coronavirus. Almost every country in the world has reported COVID-19 cases.

Mortality: The mortality rate of COVID-19 is 1%-3%. Although the mortality rate is low, because of the number of total infected persons, we are seeing a huge number of Casualties because of COVID-19. Already 60,000+ people have died because of COVID-19.

Virus Transmission: Just like the other types of Coronavirus, COVID-19 spreads through human to human. There has been thousands of cases where a person has been infected after a close contact with COVID-19 infected person. And the primary transmission of COVID-19 is through droplets. COVID-19 spreads quicker when an infected person cough or sneezes and other persons gets the droplet.

Cure: Currently, there is no cure available for COVID-19. Researchers are trying to find a vaccine for COVID-19 and we hope that they find a vaccine soon.

Conclusion: COVID-19 is the biggest problem for the whole world right now. There are already thousands of people who are infected with COVID-19. So, all we can do is hope for the vaccine so that thousands don’t die.

Difference Between Types of Coronavirus

It’s no doubt that COVID-19 is more dangerous than any types of coronavirus. Because, the whole world is fighting against COVID-19. And as the number of the infected person is huge, we are seeing more casualties than ever.

So, the best thing that we can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is, we can stop going outside and stay at home. Social distancing is the only way to stop COVID-19 as of now. And thanks to technology, now you can Check Coronavirus Symptoms on Mobile. So, home quarantine is the only thing that we can do in this global pandemic. And most of the Governments around the world have already declined lockdown in their country. So, you shouldn’t go outside unless you have an emergency.

Final Words

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