Tips for creating eye-catching social media graphics

social media graphics

How to keep followers interested in your social media account? Some try to maintain a uniform style in publications, others use different resources and tools. But the key secret is to combine all the tips, and to create content that is unique to your brand and at the same time will match its aesthetics. Social media graphics is especially worth paying attention to.

Become more visible

It takes a lot of time to publish cool content — probably most of your time.And no matter how loud your message, graphics will help you to stand out even more in the feed against other bloggers and companies. After all, vivid visual content is the best way to attract the attention of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram users.

If you use photographs, make sure they are high quality and visually interesting. But you can also create graphics yourself with tools that make the design process easier. More tips you will find in our article about how to win customers with the right images. Perhaps you should take the time to experiment with different types of visual tools until you find something that will be effective for your brand.

Decide on the style

Experiments are experiments, but you can’t devote all your time to them – after all, you need to decide the marketing strategy for your photo publications. The graphics you use should be consistent with the aesthetics of the brand. However, it is always difficult to publish images in the same style.

The main thing to take away from this advice is that you need to follow some consistency in publications so that your readers begin to associate a certain style with your company. Set goals for yourself and work towards a more consistent image. It will help your readers to immediately notice you in their feed.

Use tools

We are moving on to a more enjoyable topic, because we have a tool that allows anyone to create content, whether you have design skills or not. VistaCreate is an online editor that allows you to create graphics for various platforms and social networks. If you want to add a little more design to your images or add a font, with VistaCreate you only need a few clicks to do it.

You can use ready-made templates and adapt them to your projects. In addition, the service will help you maintain unity of style, because here you can save your designs in different folders and organize your content for social networks.

Add dynamics to static publications

If you have successfully dealt with the previous tips, it’s time to tell you about a new product that can radically change your content. VistaCreate provides free animated templates that keep your social media visual content in constant motion:

  • you can add and remove text in posts;
  • modify pre-made templates to match your brand’s style.

What kind of graphics your brand will have is up to you. We’ve talked about the importance of consistency and uniform style, but you’ll need to experiment first to find out what works for you. Tools can help you get all sorts of social media graphics, so be sure to use the tools available to you to influence your customers and create truly vivid accounts and pages.



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