The Men’s Business Travel Style Short Guide How to Pack Like a Pro

The Men’s Business Travel Style Short Guide How to Pack Like a Pro

We all want to pack light. However, the temptation to pack more than we’ll need is usually strong. Most of the time, we fall into this trap. And our business trips end up being cumbersome. Packing light is not easy. But it’s worth it in the long run. Forcing yourself to pack light will make your trip easier than you think. You’ll be free as a bird; not loaded like a donkey. Here is a complete guide for packing like a pro.

A minimalist approach while packing will not only make you comfortable but also mobile. You’ll save a lot of money by avoiding additional check-in fees. Chances are you’ve met people traveling with up to 30kg of stuff. They sweat, get angry and swear they’ll never pack so much stuff again.

We’ve all packed more stuff than we needed especially during our first traveling days. Maybe we were clueless or scared of our new environment. If you are still struggling when packing for your business trip today, we’ve got you covered. We are going to share a few practical tips for packing like a pro with a minimalist without missing a thing so that you can enjoy your trip. Let’s get started!

1. Choose the right bag

Does your bag determine how much stuff you carry? Yes! You’ve probably heard people who tend to overeat being advised to eat from a small plate. The size of your plate determines how much you’ll eat. People who eat from a small plate tend to eat less and vice versa. The same applies to the size of your bag. A huge bag will tempt you to pack stuff that you don’t need. Therefore, the most effective solution to over-packing is getting a smaller bag. A smaller bag will force you to prioritize.

According to dissertation help, the majority of carry-on size bags that you’ll find in stores today have a capacity of almost forty liters. This is a perfect size for most men who are going on business trips. This size works perfectly for short trips as well as nomadic travels. If you don’t know which backpack you should get, you can check some of the best offers here.

You are probably wondering why you shouldn’t go for some wheeled luggage. A regular suitcase is perfect for someone who’s going on a stationary holiday. But if you’ll be moving around you’ll get awkward and tired fast. They are awful on old stairs and cobbled streets.

A backpack is versatile. You can easily tuck it under the seat of a bus or secure it in a locker. If you need to catch a train, you’ll feel light and you’ll make it on time. Today, a lot of backpacks come with amazing features that are not easy to find in suitcases. And they make packing easy.

A good business bag should be dark and simple. Avoid bright colors and hardware as much as you can. Leather is better than canvas. And the canvas is better than nylon. Some of the best colors include charcoal gray, black, and navy blue.

2. Packing like a minimalist

To pack light, you need to follow these three simple principles:

1. Pack what you need

Layout your gear. Take your time before putting any item in your bag. Doing this will help you eliminate what you don’t need. If it’s your first business trip, chances are you’ll end up packing more stuff than you’ll need to feel comfortable and safe.

However, you can resist this urge by affirming to yourself that everything will be okay during your stay. The majority of first-time travelers wish they’d carry half of what they have. Pack the necessary stuff only and avoid the nice to have stuff.

2. Don’t pack more than a week of clothing

It’s easier to do laundry than to carry lots of clothing. Clothes occupy a lot of space. And they’ll make your feet heavy especially if you’ll be moving around. Carry a few of your favorites. Mix and match them to improve your looks during your trip.

3. Be versatile

Focus on the stuff that you are going to use multiple times. By thinking twice about the things you’re going to use during your trip, you’ll avoid carrying things that you’ll only use once.

Keep in mind that you’ll always find shops wherever you go. Therefore, don’t be afraid of leaving a few things behind. You can always buy them there. It’s also important to avoid packing on the last day. Packing in a hurry will increase your chances of stuffing your bag. Keeping some portions of your bag empty will make loading and unloading easy.

The right items for you

Now that you have the right bag and packing principles, it’s time to decide what will go in it. Your goal is to pack light and to pack for a business trip. This means packing versatile pieces instead of different outfits for different occasions. Since you’ll be traveling, you should expect to wear the same jacket multiple times.

For a weekend trip, two pairs of pants, one jacket, two shirts, and sundries will be enough. This will offer a sense of variety so that you don’t end up wearing the same outfit all week. It also keeps the space you’ll need to a minimum.

If your business trip will last more than two days, a second jacket might be necessary with a few more shirts. One of the shirts should be casual style so that you don’t have to wear your jacket every single time.

  • Jackets – The best jackets for business travel are woolen and simple. Leave your suits at home – they’ll wrinkle before you reach your destination. All you need is a dark, plain medium woolen jacket. Such a jacket will not only make your trip enjoyable but also match with most shirts and trousers. They’re also not likely to wrinkle. If you’ll be gone for more than two days, carry two jackets.
  • Trousers – If you’ll need a suit at any occasion, consider using it both as two separate pieces for other outfits or a matched suit. For instance, a dark grey suit will be ideal for your most formal occasions. And dark grey trousers will easily pair with a light plain jacket for a casual look.

Apart from suit pants, go for wool or cotton slacks instead of jeans. Jeans are less multipurpose and bulky. If you need to look relaxed, you can easily do it in gray or brown slacks or a pair of khakis.

  • Shirts – Wrinkle-free cotton shirts are perfect for business trips. They’re safe for different types of skin. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time and money pressing your shirts during your stay. All you need is a plain white shirt and a light blue shirt. You can add more one colorful shirt for a casual look in case you’ll be staying for a few more days.
  • Shoes – If you only have space for one pair, go for plain black leather shoes. If you’ve got enough room for two, add a pair of dark brown leather shoes. The brown pair should be worn with your casual outfit. However, it should be something that you can wear with a suit if you have to. If you have a third option, consider carrying loafers or boat shoes.

Accessories and sundries

Accessories and sundries

It’s always the small things that greatly improve our looks. In most cases, it’s easy to forget these items. Always remember to carry:

  • Neckties – one each day
  • Socks – One or two either plain or colored
  • Underwear – One pair each day
  • Belts – One to match each pair of shoe you’ll wear
  • Cufflinks – Only if you wear cuff shirts
  • Tie accessories

Pack efficiently

When packing your bag, you should have two goals in mind:

  • Getting important stuff in there
  • Organizing your stuff to avoid damaging the bag or contents

How much time will you have for clothing maintenance once you arrive at your destination? If you’ll have enough time for this, you can pack a little more carelessly. You can also carry a few more suits. However, you should keep in mind that air travel can lead to delays. Therefore, don’t forget to pack ready to wear clothes.

Here are some guidelines that you can follow when packing like a pro:

  • Put your shoes at the bottom. For packing like a pro, you should start with your shoes because they are the least flexible items on your list. You can use them as a base so that you can place softer items on top of them. Investing in a shoe bag will help to keep your clothes away from dirt.
  • Fill shoes with items such as ties, belts, and socks. This will save space and keep your shoes from collapsing when you push them down with other items.
  • Fold your jackets and shirts vertically instead of horizontally. This will help you roll them loosely and prevent deep creases. Plus, you’ll have extra space to fit more.
  • Keep your toiletries together in a case to prevent them from rattling around and leaking on your clothes. Doing this gives you something to carry them in in case you don’t have an ensuite bathroom.
  • Wear a jacket together with a sharp outfit onto the plane. For packing like a pro, this will help you have an extra set of appropriate clothes without using your luggage space. It will also improve your looks just in case you bump into a business associate at the airport.
  • Leave some space for souvenirs every time you travel


All of the tips that we’ve discussed are simple for packing like a pro. They’ll help you pack light by eliminating some of the things that you don’t need. Remember, the number of clothes you carry will depend on the number of days you’ll be away. Invest in a quality bag and start packing like a pro, a few weeks before the set date. Conduct some research on your destination and be prepared for any delays and inconveniences that you may have while traveling.


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