The Evolution of Slots

Evolution Of Slots

Are you interested in how slots came to be what they are today? How the evolution of slots came into the exciting game we play in casinos and online?

We have the evolution of slots and how these exciting casino machines came into existence.

Let start with how they were invented.

How Were Slot Machines Made

The first slot machine was actually a form of poker in a box that was invented in New York. The year was 1891 and the machine would work with a lever that someone pulled to play the game. The machine only cost a nickel and was often found in bars and clubs.

These machines were called poker slots and you couldn’t win any money with them. However, there were still small prizes such as cocktails and cigars.

The 3 Reel Slot Machine

Around about the same decade that the poker slot was invented, a simpler device was made. This machine replaced the 5 slots of poker with only 3. It also had only 3 symbol variations that could appear. This made the machine structure a lot less complex and was probably the earliest inception of the form of slots we play today, which you can read all about in an article here.

It was also a lot more advanced than the original poker slot machine because it could give payouts automatically. When the three of the same symbols appeared on a draw, the highest possible payout was made. The original creator did not patent this machine and many other renditions were made shortly after.

Mainstream Slot Machines

In 1902 there was an official prohibition on slot machines in the USA. They were still used but for non-cash payouts. The prizes were small trinkets, candy, or bubblegum and you could find these machines in more family familiar establishments such as bowling alleys and shops.

It was round about the same time that the symbols in the slot machines became fruits and no longer cards. The fruit symbols had originally been made after a popular slot machine company that made the devices before becoming a more widespread common symbol tied to them.

Electromagnetic and Video Slots

In 1964 the slot machine went electrical and could be found mostly in casinos and some bars. They were a lot more advanced and gave cash prizes on the spot. They also had many more complex prizes and jackpots and included sounds for different outcomes.

In 1996 the first video slot machine was made and became popular in Las Vegas. The popularity of slot machines grew exponentially from here and many casinos relied on slots for most of their income.

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Online Slots

Today, online casinos take the lion share of gambling profits around the world. This is mostly attributed to its convenience.

At the start of online gambling, only classic card games were made available but as internet technology grew and computers became faster, slots were later introduced. These slot machines come in many different forms and many different prizes. Some of the jackpots in online slots today go into the tens of millions of dollars.


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