Southern Oak Plantation New Orleans

Southern Oak Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation is a plantation more than 150 years old in Vacherie, Louisiana. It gets its name from a double pathway of hundreds of southern oak trees that line up and head to the plantation’s mansion. Let’s see Southern Oak Plantation New Orleans.

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What were the top movies that were filmed at Oak Alley Plantation?

Oak Alley Plantation is a widely sought-after location for filming movies. Several movies, new and old, were shot here. However, some of the notable ones are:

  • Midnight Bayou
  • Ghost Hunters had significant parts filmed here
  • Nightrider was filmed here
  • Interview with a Vampire
  • Days of our Lives was shot here

You may find that your favourite TV series was filmed here as well. Whether you want to visit Oak Alley because it’s where your favourite movie or TV characters were, or because you want to go for a good vacation, you will love it.

What should you do at Oak Alley Plantation?

There is plenty to do here – and our list of the top Oak Alley Plantation tourist places will tell you likewise. 

Take a tour:

The plantation caretakers and other bodies associated with it offer detailed and dedicated tour packages. You will be briefed and educated about the plantation’s history. Various exhibits tell stories about slavery, the Civil War, the oak trees, and the mansion. Some other plantations in the area are St. Joseph Plantation, San Francisco Plantation, Evergreen Plantation, and Whitney Plantation. You can take guided tours for them too.

Visit the gift shop:

You can pick up various goodies like t-shirts, novelty items, photographs of the plantation, historical collectibles, artifacts, and postcards. You can also purchase gift certificates in the gift shop, which can be utilized in the restaurant and cottage booking.

Dine at Oak Alley Plantation Restaurant:

Oak Alley Plantation, along with being a historically significant site, also holds a notable restaurant. The place specializes in southern-style cuisine that spans breakfast, lunch, dinner, wedding & event catering. You should definitely order the chicken & smoked sausage gumbo, crawfish étouffée, and Creole-style fried shellfish. 

The place also houses a cafe and ice-cream parlour; you can order quick bites like sandwiches, salads with customized dressing and topping. For ice-cream and dessert, choose from an array of flavours.

Where can you stay near Oak Alley Plantation?

Oak Alley Plantation

If you desire to stay in the majestic mansion at the centre of the plantation, then book a high-class cottage or room through relevant sources. The best of rooms features 19th-century style wooden furniture, antique artifacts, paintings, and ethnic candelabrums. 

Booking rooms in the plantation mansion, you get instant access to the restaurant, gift shop, ballroom, and other attraction points. Oak Alley Plantation is close to other plantations that are major tourist attractions in Louisiana.

Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Thibodaux

Days Inn is addressed at 158 Glenwild Dr, Thibodaux, a few miles from Oak alley Plantation and other important tourist points. The room feature a decent setting and ambience. The amenities are as follows; an in-house restaurant-cum-bar, and complimentary breakfast. The per-day rates range between $100-$150.

The Inn at Houmas House

The Inn at Houmas House is no less than Oak Alley Plantation rooms when comparing the ambience and setting. The mansion offers rooms housing antique furniture, paintings, and accessories with a modern touch of chandeliers & services. 

Houmas House also holds a cafe and two in-house restaurants serving delicious Cajun-style Louisiana cuisine. The property is in proximity to the banks of the Mississippi River and some other plantations. The per-day price range varies as per the holiday season and tourist footfall. However, it ranges between $250-$500.


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