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As well as all of our cinema favourites, you have probably noticed that Netflix has established its own collection of content, more formally known as Netflix Originals. A Netflix Original can be described as authentic and new content that is created with Netflix’s involvement, as in produced or funded by the market-leading brand. This is what gives this brand a competitive edge over other streaming services, as a lot of the original content on Netflix is also the most acclaimed and popular content on the platform. The best way to watch is definitely on a large flat-screen TV, true cinematic style of course. Click here for TV wall mounting services. However, without further ado, let’s narrow down some of the best content that you can only find on Netflix.  

The Tinder Swindler  

Let’s begin with one of the most popular documentaries we have seen Netflix produce this year so far (2022). Simon Leviev has become such a well-known name worldwide, and if you weren’t aware of his presence, you will be shocked to find out that he has acquired an estimated $10 million purely through meeting and scamming girls through Tinder. His questionable and cunning schemes involve portraying a lavish lifestyle to lure girls in, love-bombing them, and then swindling them by making them take out large loans. The twist is, he uses the previous girl’s loan on a new girl! Completely mind-boggling but an interesting and eye-opening watch that you can only find on Netflix. 

Squid Game 

455 players, all involved in a game, and the winning prize you ask? Simply to pay off their debt. This South Korean, 9-episode, TV series can only be found on Netflix and its success has been huge. It is arguably the most successful TV series Netflix has displayed yet! Warning: it gets intense, just think of it as a modern-day Hunger Games, as each player fights for survival while carrying out deadly child’s games. Even though the players get the chance to remove themselves, they realise that they will not be able to escape the financial crisis that faces them on the outside. A wicked yet captivating storyline that is a must-watch.  

Tiger King  

We believe that Netflix was strategic at the debut of this leading docuseries. Released at the beginning of the lockdown phase of Covid-19, we had nothing else to do apart from watching TV or doing work on laptop.  Luckily enough Netflix brought us the foolish and bizarre Joe Exotic to keep us entertained. As the owner of the GW Zoo in Oklahoma, the documentary covers life at the zoo itself as Exotic and his team exploits big cats. The series then jumps back and forth to the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary in Florida, owned by Carol Baskin who does not agree with Exotic’s unethical ways. The pair have a long-going feud, and the documentary is all a bit wild, but it will be sure to give you a chuckle. 


Think of Riverdale as a modernised Pretty Little Liars. It follows a group of meddling teens who decide to dive deep into the secrets of their town after the death of one of their fellow high school students. You guessed it, when one secret surfaces, another mystery arises in this drama mystery series that you can only find on Netflix, and these young characters are sure to keep you entertained. Featuring Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa, and Camila Mendes, each episode will be sure to leave you wanting more.  

The Woman in the Window  

Starring Amy Adams (Anna) as an agoraphobic child psychologist, who never leaves her Manhattan home, the only options she has now in day-to-day life are to drink and binge-watch TV, oh, and stare out her window to people-watch. After meeting the new family across the street, mother and son, Jane and Ethan, she is left traumatised after witnessing Jane’s husband murder her through her window. As she cannot go outdoors, there is nothing she can do apart from watch and call for help. However, no one believes her due to her unstable state. After Ethan confides in Anna following the murder, the audience soon realise that she has taken the wrong route letting him into her home in this curveball, suspenseful, thriller film that you can only find on Netflix.  

The End of the F***ing World  

A young psychopath, James, and his victim, Alyssa, are on a mission to find Alyssa’s estranged father but, plot twist, Alyssa has no idea that James is planning to kill her. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? What if we tell you that they end up romantically involved and James’ plan is intervened. Does James end up killing someone eventually if he cannot kill Alyssa? Or is Alyssa involved in his cunning plans too? So many questions to be answered in this British dark comedy. Find out what happens for yourself and tune into Netflix today.  

Don’t Look Up 

Let’s finish up with another newly released Netflix Original, Don’t Look Up. Let’s break the plot down simply. Two astronomers, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, realise that a gigantic comet is due to hit earth which could cause a complete wipe-out. However, they are only taken seriously when president, Meryl Streep, and her son and Chief of Staff, Jonah Hill register that the world could end during Streep’s reign. With this group of actors and actresses we shall say no more, oh, and not to mention, musical geniuses Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi also make an appearance. 


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