How to Write More Content to Advance your Copywriting Career

your Copywriting Career

If you work as a copywriter, you know that content is a crucial part of any internet business. The more quality content is on your website, the more effective your business is. Here are the six main tips to help you to create as much quality written content as possible in your Copywriting Career

Plan it

This may seem like an oversimplified solution. However, you can write significantly faster when you know what you’re writing about and why. Spend an hour a month or even ten minutes a week planning your content. What are you going to write? What purpose does it serve? Consider going as far in your content plan to outline the article with a few key points you want to cover in the content.

Seek user-generated content

Your online interactions are a fantastic way to find and create more content. One interaction on a social networking website can turn into several article or blog post ideas. You can also use email questions sent to you or forum postings and interactions you have. If you’re going to use the content verbatim, make sure you ask permission from all involved parties.

Schedule time

Creating content often falls to the bottom of a to-do list. You’ll be able to get much more content writing accomplished if you put it on your schedule. Find a time of the week that works best for you, and devote an hour or two to writing your week’s content. Then you can publish it, schedule it, and be done for the week.


You probably have a ton of content already created, right? You have reports, blog posts, and articles. Repurposing your content to create fresh content is a great way to write content fast, and it’s good for the budget.

Track your ideas

Content ideas come to us at the strangest of times. Maybe you’re on the treadmill, waiting at the dentist or in the fast-food drive-through. Create a method to capture these ideas when they come to you. Record your ideas on a mobile device to remember them in the future.

Use your resources

In addition to keyword research, simply reading about your industry and networking with others can help you generate more content ideas. 

We hope these tips will boost your copywriting career, and you’ll write more quality texts as usual. If you are not a copywriter but desire to become one of them, we suggest doing a copywriting internship. On Jooble, you’ll find more than 25,000 internships for copywriters.


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