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It’s been more than 2 decades since cloud computing became mainstream. Conceptualized in 1990s, and actually launched in the mid-2000s, the cloud computing tech is here to stay. Thanks to the Big 3, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and AWS (Amazon Web Services), the tech saw an exponential growth and usage for both personal and business purposes. Given that cloud tech is here to stay, let’s stick to our Airtel 4G sim card for high-speed data to access cloud services.

We all use cloud-based services everyday by sending our personal data to a remote server even without realizing the same. Wondering how? Applications like Gmail, Instagram, or Facebook are all cloud-based platforms. Your personal data is stored on a cloud center linked to these platforms. On the other hand, many of us use these cloud-based services knowingly by actively using Google Drive, TurboTax, BlueHost, etc.

Let’s understand in detail what are cloud services and how they can benefit us.

How Cloud tech works?

The basic understanding of cloud tech is that a user’s data is saved or stored in a remote place rather than the device the user is using. The data can be accessed at a later time with a good internet connection. The data is usually stored over an online secure connection for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the user’s data.

If we get into the technicalities, the data is stored in virtual servers. These servers are connected to huge data centres which carry the infrastructure to store large amounts of data and protect the data from cyberthreat. The companies which provide cloud services usually have their own data centres sometimes managed by third parties.

Google Data Centres

So, whenever you save a file on your Google drive, it is actually saved in one of the data centers of Google’s worldwide network of data centers. When you want to access the file, you simply have to use internet and your file will be fetched to you in a blink of an eye or less from the data center.

Airtel Data Centres and cloud services

Similarly, Airtel also manages 10 hyper data centres and 120 edge data centres in India alone under its data centre subsidiary – Nxtra by Airtel. You can use the cloud storage provided by Airtel and use Airtel prepaid mobile plans and Airtel 4G sim card to get the unlimited data you need to access cloud services.

Benefits of Cloud services for personal use

Here are a few benefits which will definitely convince you to use Cloud services for your data storage needs:

Back up of a back up

Cloud services are mainly used to keep a back up of all your important files including photos, videos, documents, etc. When you upload something on a cloud for backup, there’s always backup for your cloud backup. How?

Your data is saved on different data centres in a cloud service. Even if one data centre is down, the other data centre will store your data and help you access it without any delays or hindrances. A backup for your own backup!

Access your data from literally anywhere

As long as you have a good internet connection, you can access your important work files or that favourite picture from just about anywhere.

The Synchronization feature plays an integral part here. All your cloud activity from a cloud service provider is linked with a particular account login credentials. You need to just login using your credentials linked to your cloud account and access your data anywhere.

It is easy to share data

You can always share your data using a cloud platform. You need not download the specific file to share it. The receiving end user should have the same platform for retrieving the file. All cloud services offer same platform sharing, while some also offer cross platform sharing of data.

Collaboration with multiple users

A single file uploaded on cloud can be accessed by multiple users as long as the primary user gives the access permission. Thanks to this feature, the collaboration can be easy.

On a more personal level, cloud platforms are great place to create a family folder for vacation photos. All members with access or link can view the photos and even change name of the folder or download the pictures in their personal devices.

Let’s say if it’s a doc file, you need not download the file on your device to make changes. You can just make changes online and they will reflect in the original document. That’s how easy it is with cloud services.

Easy to use UI and features

Most of these platforms have extremely easy to navigate pages. For uploading a fie, you can just drag and drop a file. The upload will start and reflect in a few minutes depending on the size of the file and your internet connection.

No limit on storage

If you are a person who works with a lot of data, cloud services are right for you. Most of the cloud service providers give free storage to its users to a certain limit. Post that, you can pay a nominal amount and upgrade for more storage space virtually and extra features!

Unlike a hard drive, you never have to worry about storage space running out!

Other than the above-mentioned features, cloud services also get in handy in case of any unprecedented disaster like corrupt devices or virus in your PC, etc. Having your important data saved on a cloud keeps your essentials safe and secure. The recovery process becomes easy and quick.

How Airtel Prepaid plans contribute to backing up of your data on cloud?

With so many positive features, the cloud platform has one small drawback. As discussed above, cloud services are dependent on the internet. If you don’t have internet, you can’t access your cloud account, upload or download files, make changes, or even view!

Most users use their smart phones to access their cloud platforms. Therefore, having a strong internet connection or good 4G mobile data is important. Airtel Prepaid mobile plans are perfect for the same. You can either opt for the truly unlimited plan for a month, two months, or a year. Here, you can get either 1- 1.5 GB or 2GB data everyday as per the validity of the plan.

You can also go for Airtel’s data booster plans which offer large amounts of data, enough to access cloud services. If you don’t have an Airtel 4G sim card, get it delivered to your doorstep today to enjoy these prepaid mobile plans!

Keep your data safe and secure on an online network with trusted cloud service providers with Airtel 4G sim card and Airtel prepaid mobile plans!


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