Low FODMAP diet: Does it work for IBS?


Are you suffering from cramping, bloating, diarrhoea, and flatulence? Yes! Then you might be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  IBS is one of the major syndrome affecting millions of people around the world and the symptoms can be eased by eliminating certain foods from the diet. But, in recent years the diet with low FODMAP is highly recommended for the people with IBS. In this article, let’s understand about FODMAP diet and the foods you need to include and exclude from the diet.  

What is a low FODMAP diet?

FODMAP stands for fermentable oligo- (e.g. fructans, and galactans), di-(e.g. lactose), mono- saccharides (e.g. fructose, glucose) and polyols (e.g. sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, mannitol, and isomalt). FODMAPs are present in a variety of foods with varying amounts. So, limit, or eliminate high FODMAP foods from the diet or until you see relief from the odds of symptoms like stomach pain, gas, bloating, or constipation. The goal of following a low FODMAP diet is to find the foods that trigger the digestive issues and to eliminate them from the diet to ease different digestive disorders including IBS. 

Does it work for individuals with IBS?

Several studies have shown that individuals who were on a low FODMAP diet have seen incredible improvements in their IBS symptoms within a few days of having the diet. The FODMAP diet helps in managing IBS symptoms like flatulence, bloating, reflux, bowel urgency, abdominal pain, and stool consistency more effectively. There is a class of medications to treat IBS, and if antibiotics are prescribed to ease bowel function, pain or discomfort, shop them from a trusted online medicine site and get medicines delivered directly at your doorstep. 

How do the low FODMAP diet works?

FODMAP diet is generally a diet low in certain sugars, which may cause gastrointestinal distress. Since the low FODMAP diet eliminates a variety of foods; you should consult your doctor or dietician before you try to include any new diet plan and understand its benefits and risks of the diet as well. Also, following the FODMAP diet should only be a temporary process and don’t follow it for the long run. The low FODMAP diet works in three phases:

  • Eliminate high FODMAP diets from your diet plan
  • Reintroduce the eliminated foods slowly in your diet that helps you to identify the foods that trigger IBS symptoms.
  • Maintain your diet by avoiding or limiting the foods that cause gastrointestinal disorders.

What are the foods you need to include and avoid while on a low FODMAP DIET?

To ease your gastrointestinal distress, here are the lists of high FODMAP foods you need to exclude or limit from your regular diet that can aggravate IBS symptoms:

Foods to avoid:

  • Milk, milk-based products, ice-cream, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, custard
  • Lentils, beans, chickpeas, soy products, rye, bread, pastries, pasta
  • Processed meats, sausages
  • Fruits like watermelons, peaches, dates, avocados, prunes, blackberries, apples, mangoes, and high-fructose corn syrup
  • Vegetables like onion, garlic, shallots, scallions, mushrooms, beans, and asparagus
  • Nuts like cashews and almonds
  • Battered fish, breaded fish, and fish prepared with garlic and onion sauces

Foods you can include in your diet: 

Here, we have listed out a few foods that you can include in your diet. So, add more of these foods:

  • Lactose-free milk, almond milk, coconut milk, oats, rice, rice milk, lactose-free yoghurt, and hard cheese such as feta
  • Bananas, blueberries, lemon, lime, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapefruit
  • Beef, pork, eggs, fish, and tofu
  • Cucumber, potato, tomato, carrots, tangerines, bell peppers, spinach, kale, and other green leafy vegetables

Ask a doctor: 

Never self-diagnose your IBS symptoms. If you display any symptoms of IBS then speak to the gastroenterologist about the treatment, diagnosis, and diet plan. Get the suggestions from the doctor as well as ask his or her advice to frame a FODMAP diet chart and keep an eye on the nutrients you take during the entire dieting period. If medicines are prescribed to manage IBS, order them from the best online pharmacy store in India and avail amazing medicine discount on every product you choose.



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