Understanding What Causes Blocked Drains in Sydney and What You Can Do About It

Causes Blocked Drains in Sydney

Sydney is home to about 1.3 million families, with an average of 1.9% of children per family. There are about 1.9 million private dwellings just within the city, making it one of the most populous in the country.

But even the liveliest city in Australia is no exception to blocked drains. Experiencing a blocked drain system is a common occurrence for any household in Sydney. There are many reasons why it happens, causing much inconvenience. But in all manners, experiencing a blocked drain is downright disgusting. 

It swarms your property’s exhaust with bacteria and encourages the build-up of disgusting and repulsive odours. Getting blocked drains, Sydney is one problem any property owner will experience at least once in their life. One other significant issue your family might encounter with a prolonged drain problem is health concerns that complicate things.

Common Reasons for Getting a Blocked Drain System

There are many reasons why your drain system gets blocked. But most of it came from its everyday use and ignored maintenance. Blocked drains are quite a nuisance primarily because it emits strange odours. Some of the common reasons for having blocked drains include:

Hair accumulation. Washed fallen hair starts to clog your pipes and over time, prevents the whole system from doing its job. Blocked drains caused by hair slows the flow of water, creating complex drainage problems down the line. It is a common occurrence in the shower and sinks because people bathe and shave without thinking of the possible complications of leaving fallen strands. 

Grease build-up. Old drains, particularly those in the kitchen sink and outside water spouts create a form of sticky grease. Washed up oils and fatty substances from the food attach on the insides of pipes to the point that it clogs water drainage.

Broken pipes. A pipe’s general wear and tear cause fractures in the system. If it is installed underground, tree roots penetrate the insides, making it hard to diagnose such issues. The only way to solve this condition is by getting professions to work on your blocked drains, Sydney.

Weather disturbances. Heavy rains and storms always cause flooding because of fallen leaves clogging the drains. Weather disturbances bring a different kind of problem to your gutter and downpipes. It is a common problem for most Sydneysiders whose house designs cannot take the brunt of unpredictable weather.

Looking for the Right Help for Your Drainage Problems

There are no other options when doing drainage maintenance and repair than calling the help of professionals who can do the job right. Most DIYs lead to other complications considering that drain pipes are not continuous lines but are interconnected series of fittings and elbow bends. 

There are many drainage specialists around Sydney, so looking for the right service providers is a little taxing. The characteristics of a proper drainage specialist do not only boil down to their quality of work. 

Other aspects when getting help lies with how they maintain their professionalism from the initial contact down to their after-service offerings. A competent drainage professional is also keen and accurate. It is to eliminate any other complications brought by misdiagnosis and faulty repairs.

Consequently, you want to get the services of a professional that follows the regulatory requirements of the city council. You don’t want to get embroiled with poorly repaired and inadequately maintained drainage that would just become another problem in the long run.

So, when looking for the right drainage professionals in Sydney, always go for the ones that uphold the highest industry standards.


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