Is Showbox Safe to Use? – Showbox Myths and the Real Truth

Is Showbox Safe to Use

Well, you probably have faced this question ‘Is Showbox Safe to use on your device?’. Many Showbox users face this question about the safety of this popular streaming app. But, no one really gives you the right and correct answer about Showbox. So, if you are looking for the answer, you have come to the right place. In this post, I’ll give you the answer to one of the most popular questions on the Internet – Is Showbox safe to use? So, if you want to know if you should continue using this app on your Android device or you should uninstall it right away, read this post completely.

It’s no doubt that Showbox is one of the most popular streaming apps for Android devices. This app has millions of active users worldwide who are using this app on their devices to watch movies and TV Shows for free. So, when so many users are using a 3rd party app on their Android or iOS devices for a long time, they should know if the app is safe to use or not. Especially, when you are using an app that is not available on the Google Play Store for obvious reasons, then you should probably worry about it.

People have asked the developers about the safety of this app many times. But, they didn’t get any perfect answer. Well, I can’t tell you about everything about this app. But, I can show you some points that may prove that if this app is safe to use or not. Before knowing the answers, first, let’s know what Showbox really is.

What is Showbox?

Showbox is probably one of the most popular platforms for streaming. You can use the Showbox app on your Android, iOS or PC device to watch movies and TV shows for free. Although it is not recommended to watch pirated versions of movies, many users watch them using this app.

There are different platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu is available that offers movie and TV show streaming on your PC and smartphones. But, most of the streaming platforms are paid. You need a monthly or yearly subscription for the platforms to watch your favorite movies or TV shows on these platforms. So, because of this ‘paid subscription’ thing, many users choose apps like Showbox to watch their favorite movies or TV Shows.

Because there are some apps like Showbox that offer different movies or TV shows for free. You can install these apps on your Android device, iPad or PC and enjoy premium content for free. Here are the problem begins. As we all know, We shouldn’t watch pirated versions of Movies and TV Shows. But, many users just do that because it’s free.

Why they would pay for a subscription when they can watch them for free using an Android or iOS app? Well, if you are using one of the people who’s using apps like Showbox or other streaming apps on their devices, then you should probably know that there are some risks too.

So, there are some points that you can follow and decide if you should use Showbox on your device or not. You’ll find the points below.

Is Showbox Safe to Use on Your Android/iOS/PC?

Android Security

Is Showbox Safe to Use

When it comes to the operating system for smartphones, Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones nowadays. It has millions of users worldwide. Android is an open-source operating system from Google, the tech giant. And being an open-source OS, Android has many advantages. When you try to compare Android OS with iOS or any other OS, you’ll notice that Android is better in some aspects. In terms of customization of smartphone software, Android is more customizable than iOS. But, being open source is also a vulnerability of Android. If you root your Android device or unlock the bootloader, it may affect the security of your device. Although Android has its own security system that protects yours from virus and malware apps.

So, when you are using an app like Showbox on your Android device, it’ll detect if the app is a threat to your device or not. And it is not recommended to install apps like Showbox on a rooted Android device. Showbox is safe to install on Android devices. But when you are installing this app on a rooted device, you are actually giving permission to access your system files. So, make sure that you are not using this app on a rooted Android device.

3rd Party App

Is Showbox Safe to Use

Showbox is a 3rd party app for Android, iOS and PC. We don’t know the original developer name or details who developed this app. When you are using a 3rd party app on your Android or iOS device, you should make sure that the app is popular enough. Because there are many popular 3rd party apps are available for Android and iOS devices that are completely safe to use. The only way to know if a 3rd party app is safe or not is to look at the userbase of the app. If the app is popular and has millions of active users, then it’s probably safe. Although, it’s not guaranteed that a popular 3rd party app would be 100% safe. But, as many users uses it, it could be safe to install and use.

So, Showbox is a popular 3rd party app. And it has millions of active users worldwide. So, we can hope that this app doesn’t steal the precious data of its users. If it steals any personal data of the users, millions would be affected. But, as of now, you can install it on your device without worrying. Because, if Showbox is doing anything wrong, everybody would know by now. But, there are no reports about data compromising. So, we can say that Showbox is safe as of now.

Not Available on Google Play Store

Many users worry about the apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. Showbox is one of those apps that you won’t find on the official app store of Android devices. Well, this app isn’t available on the Play Store because it doesn’t follow the rules. Play Store doesn’t allow apps that distribute or produce pirated content. Because of this reason, you can’t find the Showbox app on the Google Play Store.

If an Android app isn’t available on the Google Play Store, it doesn’t mean that it’s not safe to use. When it comes to the question is Showbox safe? Well, it’s not available on the Play Store. But, at the same time, millions are downloading this app from other sources. So, we can’t say that Showbox is not safe because it’s not available on the Play Store. It completely depends on the developer of the app.

Use the Legit Showbox App

When a thing gets popular, some selfish peoples try to get their own benefits out of it. The same thing happened to Showbox. There are many face Showbox apps are available on the Internet. These apps look like the original Showbox app, but sometimes they can be a threat to your device. Because, most of them are malware apps. And you shouldn’t use an Android app that injects malware to your device.

So here comes the important question – how to identify the legit Showbox app. Well, to identify the genuine Showbox app, you need to do some homework. You need to find the official Showbox website or trusted source to download this app on your device. There are many fake websites that provide Fake Showbox. You have to stay away from them. There are many resources that you can use to identify the original app. So, just download the Showbox app from a trusted or official source and you are ready to go.

Ads on Showbox

Showbox is a nonprofit app. So, you don’t have to buy a subscription or spend money to use this app on your device. But, sometimes, many users complain about the ads that are present on the Showbox app. So, if you are one of them, then let me clear your thoughts. So, think it in this way: does Showbox cost you anything?

If it’s money, the Showbox doesn’t cost you. So, the developers are earning through this app using the ads. well, they have all the rights to place ads inside their app. Because they are providing it for free to all. Show if they want to earn some bucks using this app, there shouldn’t be any problem. But, as I have mentioned in the last point, many peoples doe’s wrong for their own profit. If you are using a fake Showbox app, and if it’s displaying ads, then it’s not good at all.

How Showbox Works?

When you are using a 3rd party app on your device, you should know how the app works. Showbox is a streaming app. So, it’s obvious that it streams media files from different servers. When you install the Showbox app on your device and play a movie or TV Show, it scraps the content from torrent. Yes, Showbox uses different torrent servers on their app.

So, now you know from where all the contents come from. But, let me tell you a reason why it’s better to stream content from torrents instead of private servers. When you use a private server to store files, it a lot of problems while serving the contents. Showbox has a large collection of media files. So, it’s not a good idea to get a thousand dollars server to host the files. Instead they use P2P technology for streaming. It not only saves the cost of server storage but makes the app fast too.

Use a VPN

Now, here comes another interesting question – Is Showbox safe with VPN? Well, let me answer you quickly. No matter which pirated app you are using on your device, it’s recommended to use a VPN with the app. The VPN not only just helps you to hide your real identity, but it also protects your privacy. When you are using a VPN, your identity remains safe. And if it’s a streaming app like Showbox, you should definitely use a VPN with the app. The VPN will protect both your privacy and your device at the same time.

You can use any VPN for this work. Just make sure that the VPN has good speed. There are very few free VPN apps that provide good speed without spending any money. No matter if your VPN is paid or free, just turn it on when you are using the Showbox app. Here the speed is important because, Showbox is a streaming app. So, you won’t want to buffer while watching any movie or TV show on the app.

Can Showbox Harm Your Computer?

This is a really complicated question to answer. It’s no doubt that Showbox is completely safe to use if you consider the above points. But, when you are using this app on your PC, some aspect changes. When you are using this app on your PC using some 3rd party software, make sure to download it from a trusted source. Because PC’s are more vulnerable than smartphones.

If you want to use it for a long time, you can install an antivirus app on your PC. The antivirus app can save your PC from being hacked. So, make sure you are using a good antivirus app on your PC to run such apps like Showbox. If you are already using an antivirus, you can use the Showbox app without any issue.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you got the answer of – Is Showbox safe to use? I have tried my best to take out some points of this app and describe it to you. Now, you can decide if you should use Showbox on your Android, iOS, or PC or not. If you have any questions or queries, you can ask them in the comment section below. We’ll try to fix your problems. Also, share this post if someone asks you about the safety of Showbox. You can use the share buttons below to share it.


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