How to use iFun Screen Recorder applications without any error? Find out!!


Do you guys ever need a full-featured screen recorder but don’t have enough money to buy one?  Does it bother you how many other free options always limit you with limited recording time or even annoying watermarks? As well as iFun Screen Recorder is a full-featured screen recorder tool that is completely free.  Don’t get me wrong though, iFun Screen Recorder for its free status is packed with features of any other screen recording software or just a part of it.  This tool also has built-in basic video editing tools that allow you to edit your video natively after recording.  The software supports various video format outputs such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, and MOV.

iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder updates and specific details before used it!!

Though iFun Screen Recorder is one of the free online screen recorder on the market.  It is an impressive screen recording program in which rivals pay for the solution.  Additionally, you can record any area of the screen and capture system audio.  It also allows you to save recordings in the preferred format of your choice. The wide range of functions makes iFun Screen Recorder an ideal choice for most users, including professional gamers and creators and if you guys are interested in learning more about this great screen recording tool.

Despite being a free program, the iFun Screen Recorder includes many features that are generally reserved for the top tier. However, iFun Screen Recorder offers their users the ability to select any area of the screen to record, be it the entire desktop or just a small application window.  It also works in multi-screen setups. Additionally, the software can record sound as well as system sound from the device’s built-in microphone or external headphones.

Therefore, you guys suppose you are working on a video guide and you also want to take a screenshot for additional instructions.  With the iFun Screen Recorder, all you have to do is press a hotkey, cut out a portion of the screen while recording. So, the built-in video editor is easy to use and provides basic editing functions (eg trim, crop, trim). When it’s not replacing your typical commercial video editing suite, the built-in editing tools come in handy when you’re unwilling to install other software on your PC to make only small edits.

The last word!!!

iFun Screen Recorder saves your screenshots in twelve different formats, making your recording playable on all kinds of multimedia devices. If you guys want to change the video resolution, frame rate, quality, and output format, go to the Recording Settings tab.  From there, you can select the preferred destination folder and set the audio format. IObit also offers an online screen recorder in which users do not need to download software for screen recording.  The only requirement is to install the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Opera on your PC.  No need to log into account. If your main goal is to record your PC screen or game with audio, we highly recommend using iFun Screen Recorder.  However, it should be noted that the iFun Screen Recorder avoids recording copyrighted broadcasts for obvious reasons.


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