How to Shop for Home Swim Spa

Home Swim Spa

In the 80s, a revolutionary and new concept in fitness that is water-based emerged. From then onwards, the world of spas, hot tubs, and swimming pools never remained the same. What was that new concept? The swim spa. Let’s see how to shop for the home swim spa

Even though we will talk about this in more precise detail, you can always see a swim spa as a place where the home spa meets the regular swimming pool. 

One of the best things about acquiring portable swim spas is buying one that can come in the form of a hot tub. Having a two-in-one feature can now meet all your needs when it comes to enjoying all the benefits of this water structure. With a complete fitness system and aquatic relaxation, it is versatile, fun, and has many benefits.

What is a Swim Spa?

It is a combination of a spa and a swimming pool. It is usually larger than a regular-sized bathtub but smaller than a standard swimming pool. Because of its unique size can be installed anywhere hot tubs can be, meaning they can be used both outside and indoors. 

They use powerful pumps to create current that can be controlled to allow you to sit back and enjoy the soothing benefits of hydro massage or swim in place using powerful hydro jets. It got its name from the company that invented and perfected it, Catalina Spas.

What Are These Benefits?

  • It can serve as a place of soothing retreat where friends and family can gather together.
  • It can serve as a relaxing hydro massage option for pain relief and stress.
  • It can serve as a place to keep in shape and be active, no matter your fitness levels.
  • It is a space-efficient and economical alternative to standard-sized swimming pools with extra features they can’t match.
  • Also, it can serve as a place where one can feel free and unwind to most people.

Shopping for a swim spa should be as much exciting and fun as using one. So we have taken some time to provide you with a guide to help you find that perfect one that will suit your specific circumstances and needs and make sure you enjoy the best out of what you purchase. 

Now, you can relax, read through, and get all the information you need. Let’s start with the obvious questions;

Things to Consider when Buying a Swim Spa

Things to Consider when Buying a Swim Spa

We may have talked about the benefits of buying this water-based equipment, but if you do not buy the right ones, there are chances that you may not enjoy its benefits. So what are those things you need to look out for when purchasing this equipment?

Your Budget

Just like everything, you need to know the size of your pocket before buying this equipment. Price should not be the main priority in the selection of the right ones to purchase. You have to place quality over everything else; otherwise, you run the risk of compromising its life and functionality.

Your Comfort

When we talked about benefits, comfort was part of the list. It is a must-have when considering what type to buy. The comfort factor can be integrated into this equipment through the seating, which has to be ergonomically designed. 

According to the customer’s specific needs, some of them come with built-in pillows and other additional features. You can find more here on how to enjoy your time in your jetted bathtub. 

The Jet Pressure

Even though the jet pressure of most swim spas is designed to give you that feel of a regular swimming pool, everyone may have their preferences. Some want it higher than others. You might need one that allows you to regulate the jets according to what makes you most comfortable.

Its Insulation

High-quality swim spas are designed to give maximum energy efficiency and regulate the heating cost. Foam can be used to insulate some of these, but one with a double thermal shield system for insulation is a much better choice.

Self-cleaning Models

This would come after they have been installed. After installation, you would definitely like to enjoy all the benefits without having to spend all your time cleaning and maintaining it. If you add the self-cleaning models, that would be the case. These models can auto-change the water after a specified amount of time. This link has more on how to clean your home spa. 

Its Ease of Service

You would love to have one that can be easily serviced should the need arise. However, it should be said that when you get one of top quality, you would rarely need this. This is because the quality ones are built and designed to last better for longer.

Final Note

Whether you purchase single-zone or dual-zone swim spas, the benefits are all the same. As long as all these factors mentioned above are considered, your swimming experience will move to a higher level. Why get a regular-sized swimming pool or traditional bathtub when you can get a swim spa?



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