Home improvement ideas for your next home project

Home improvement ideas for your next home project

Many of us have been spending a lot of time at home. If all this time at home has you in the mood to make some improvements, you’ll need to make sure that these improvements will serve your needs, boost the value of your home, and not add more stress to your life.

What is the most popular home improvement?

Current economic data indicates that the most popular home improvement is floors and ceilings. Carpet, vinyl flooring, ceramic or slate tile are a big part of this trend, as are wall panels and ceiling tiles.

While you’re taking up the flooring, many choose to also update or replace furniture. If you can time it right, sending furniture out to be reupholstered or professionally cleaned while you get your carpets replaced can save you a lot of spinal strain. Plus, you’ll get to move updated furniture into your home on new carpet. Here is senior care Brooklyn.

How can I renovate my house cheaply?

Start by decluttering. Take four containers into the space you want to renovate. You’ll need 

  • clear plastic bins for things you need to keep handy
  • cardboard boxes for things you’ll need later
  • a white trash bag for things you want to sell or donate
  • a black plastic bag for trash

Put as much as possible into the black bag, then the white bag, then the plastic bin and then the cardboard box. Do this early in the day so you have plenty of decision-making brain power available.

Secondly, paint. Pull everything off the walls, patch and sand any cracks or holes, and repaint the space. Consider a rearrange while everything has been moved, and clean the floors before you put things back. Clean the center space when the middle of the room is empty. Carefully go through your desk and your electronics set up, replace or upgrade as needed, and use cable organizers and bins to keep your electronic gear tidy.

What is the most expensive room to remodel?

Current trends indicate that the kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel. It’s also the biggest hassle, because it’s the room that always has to work. You may have a spare bath, but few have a spare kitchen. Kitchen renovations Toronto can be made less expensive by painting cabinets instead of replacing or refacing them, and by covering over the current counter instead of replacing it, but the hassle remains.
That being said, a kitchen remodel can add a lot of value to your home and your quality of life. If your kitchen remodel has been left until last because your kids were small and there was no sense updating cabinets that were going to get whacked with a tricycle, you can celebrate their move into junior high with new doors. A new stove can really brighten the space, and you’ll probably need a bigger refrigerator.
If your kitchen renovation will be really destructive, set up a small kitchen elsewhere and install new appliances such as 30 stainless steel farmhouse sink, cabinet. Even if all you have is a sideboard, a small refrigerator and a spot for your coffee pot, it can help. If you’re keeping your refrigerator, skip the grocery store or just buy what you must and move it, empty, into the next room and build your temporary kitchen around it.

How often should people remodel their bedroom?

The choice to remodel is quite personal, but it’s a good idea to do it when you’re tired of the space. Other factors relate to things wearing out; for example, if you need a new mattress, you may choose to get a bigger bed. At that time, you’ll need to rearrange some furniture, so remodeling makes sense.

One of the nice things about remodeling is that you’re really moving, but you don’t have to find a new house or redirect your mail. Renovating your bedroom is a wonderful way to deep clean the space. You’ll need to 

  • empty the closets, so go ahead and donate or discard what you don’t want to put back
  • empty drawers, so go ahead and wipe down all storage at that time
  • clear any shelving, so be sure to dust well
  • take down wall decor, so patch and paint before putting things back in new spots
  • move the bed, so you can vacuum and clean flooring

By the time you put things back, the place will be spotless. Try to do these projects when the outdoor temperatures are moderate. Opening windows will give you plenty of fresh air and get any chemical odors out of your home.


If you’re tired of your house and you don’t know why, don’t worry about making a home renovation plan. Instead, declutter and deep clean each space. It could be that what you hated wasn’t the color or the carpet but the mess. Use pretty bins to keep clutter contained. Think about some new kitchen cannisters. Use cable organizers to clean up the electronics area in the family room. It’s easy to fall back in love with a clean house.


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