What to Consider When Hiring An Emergency Plumber in North Shore

Emergency Plumber in North Shore

The group of suburbs located within Sydney’s northern region is called the North Shore. Most suburbs within the North Shore area are part of a large sandstone plateau called Hawkesbury Plateau. North Shore boasts of landmarks and attractions such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Kirribilli House. 

If you are a North Shore resident, you have a lot of plumbing services available to you. Hence, when you are in an emergency, plumber in North Shore would already be there to either repair or install replacement pipes or water fixtures. In Spite of the overwhelming options at hand, you should consider several criteria when hiring a plumber. Problems with your existing plumbing lines, faucets, and drainage systems may be considered as emergency issues that can significantly increase your water bill.  Follow the steps below when choosing plumbing services in the North Shore. 

Proper License

Australia has a strict policy when it comes to trade work and requires experienced plumbers to qualify for a proper trade license before accepting major plumbing contracts. To get a license, a plumber needs to pass written and practical examinations as well as have enough on the job experience. To get a master license, plumbers must have continued work on their trade for at least five years which explains their expertise. 


Aside from a license, you should also check to see if the plumber you hire is also insured. Insurance will give you a guarantee against any damages to your property related to sloppy work. Plumbing insurance will also protect the plumbers if and when they get injured while working in your home. 

Get Different Appraisals

Even if you have a plumbing emergency, it is still recommended to get appraisals from at least three to five different plumbing services. Having multiple appraisals will give you an indication of the real cost of your plumbing situation. When hiring a plumber, do not hire the one who gives you a very low appraisal since that plumber may cut corners to meet the 360 appraisal system


One great way of knowing the best emergency plumber in North Shore to hire is through referrals by your friends or relatives. A plumber or plumbing company that is referred often means that they give great service. The best advertising a reputable plumbing company can get is by word-of-mouth. If clients are satisfied with their work, these clients will refer them to their friends. 

Another way of knowing is to see the reviews of their services on their websites. Reputable plumbers will get positive reviews from their satisfied clients. You can also check websites such as the Better Business Bureau to check if a plumbing company has pending complaints or bad reviews about the quality of their services.


A warranty is a guarantee that the work done to your house is correctly completed. If you encounter the same problems with your plumbing even after the plumbing services, you have every right to demand from the plumber to redo the work without paying for it. Professional plumbers will not hesitate to give you a guarantee on their work. 

A professional emergency plumber in North Shore will have the necessary experience to explain what needs to be done to correct your plumbing problems when they are making their appraisals. It is important to give the plumber sufficient time to inquire about your plumbing problems or to visit your home if necessary, to make a more accurate assessment. 


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