Get Insight into These 6 Categories with Space Management Software

Space Management Software

Obtaining optimum productivity in the workplace requires efficient management of the physical space and other shared resources within the organization. The technology revolution has brought about more pragmatic and better management of office space through space management software.

What is space management software?

Space management software is a technological solution devised to help organizations track and manage their physical space and other assets.

Importance of space management software

Space management software helps an organization physically monitor, assess, and optimize its space inventory. This helps the organization to share spaces and resources in the work environment. Office management software allows individuals in the organization to reserve office meeting rooms. In essence, this promotes efficient workplace use and reduces wastage of space.

The office management software is diverse and can be used based on user preferences and organizational needs. The following six categories of space management software explained below will help give you more insight into the software.


DeskFlex is applied by organizations to manage real estate and space inventory. DeskFlex also allows the organization to access cloud-based data for analysis and visualization, which helps the organization make informed decisions for managing its space. Such insights include frequency of use, shared space users, allocation of space throughout the organization, and predicting space utilization.


QReserve is used by organizations that have complex workflow and resources. This software tracks inventory details such as their location, condition, serial number, and similar items in stock within the organization. QReserve can also be used in booking resources such as conference rooms within the organization.


Spacewell is property management software. It is designed to perform functions such as dispatching work orders and room booking. Its live data feature from sensors allows users to see the space available within the organization in real-time. Hence, users can cancel vacant meetings and implement various floor plans.


Skedda is space management software designed to streamline bookable spaces such as meeting rooms and coworking spaces. It includes features for dictating pricing, space sharing rules, and the booking conditions of the spaces within the organization. This software can be availed to users for free with paid monthly subscriptions.

Zap floor 

Zap floor creates a feeling of a digital twin for the users because it improves work experiences for the employee and the tenant. It is utilized in reserving facilities in the workplace since all office-based facilities are synchronized in this cloud-based software; hence, people at the workplace can keep track of how the office space is being booked. Additionally, since this system can be automated, it helps to reduce office management workload.


Engage is a more advanced software for managing coworking spaces and flex offices. It has features such as room booking and touchless visitor management. Its work is based on workplace analytics. Other functions of Engage include desk booking and ticketing.


Space management software is crucial in streamlining workflow and improving workers’ productivity. Now that you have more insight into space management software and the different categories, you can choose the best applicable software based on your business needs.


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