2020’s Commercial Lighting Trends That’ll Light You Up

lighting trends

When it comes to attracting customers, your company’s first impression makes all the difference. Surprisingly, it takes just seven seconds for customers to form that impression.

The more you can make your building stand out both inside and out, the better off you’ll be.

Believe it or not, commercial lighting design can make all the difference in how customers perceive your company. If you’re looking for a way to overhaul your lighting systems, consider these great lighting trends.

Increased Use of LED Bulbs

One of the biggest expenses businesses have to deal with each month is their building’s electric bill. This is true no matter what industry they operate in.

Though heating and cooling costs make up most of that bill, the commercial lighting system can also cause the bill to skyrocket.

The best way to keep electricity costs as low as possible is to install LED lightbulbs in every light fixture.

Though bulbs cost more upfront, they use only a fraction of the energy of other standard bulbs. Over the life of each bulb, you’ll more than make up for the cost in energy savings alone.

In 2020, more businesses will start replacing outdated incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Once they do, they’ll start seeing savings immediately.

Even better, the bulbs will last for years, saving businesses from having to spend time and money replacing burned out bulbs.

Internet-Enabled Smart Lighting Systems

The Internet of Things is rapidly becoming a major part of daily life. People rely on internet-enabled devices to help them manage daily tasks and simplify their lives.

Businesses are no different. Advances in technology have made it easier to incorporate those smart devices throughout businesses of all sizes.

Smart lighting systems are giving businesses the upper hand in controlling and monitoring their electricity use every year. Light fixtures can turn on or off remotely. The same systems also allow for lights to function on-demand.

If people are in the room, the fixtures will turn on as needed. They can even track activity to turn specific fixtures on as people move around the room.

This can help further reduce energy consumption for the entire building. It will also help businesses maximize their savings when used in conjunction with LED lightbulbs.

Emphasis on Ambiance, Not Brightness

The type of lighting businesses use can set the tone for both their employees and their clients. It can create a clean but stark environment or add depth and personality to the space.

One of the biggest lighting trends for 2020 is using light to create ambiance, not just to make the space bright.

Using different types of bulbs and different light colors can make any space feel warm and inviting. Modern bulbs help do this without causing spikes in energy bills.

Ultimately, the right lighting design can change the way your building feels. Warm, yellow tones make it inviting to clients and imply warmth. Bright daylight-like bulbs can turn even old buildings into modern facilities.

The type of bulbs you use depends on the way you want your building to feel. No matter what your goals are, you’ll be able to do it with your lighting design.

The more welcoming and inviting the space is, the more people will want to come inside. This can go a long way toward increasing employee retention and improving the customer experience.

Putting People First

Artificial light can lead to serious eye strain and tension headaches if you’re not careful. It’s true even for workers in the most stress-free environments.

Now, more businesses are looking for ways to put their people first, improving comfort for their team every step of the way.

Installing lights that mimic natural light and produce clean and bright tones can help workers be more productive. How? By making them more comfortable anytime the lights turn on.

The exact designs and light types used will depend on the facility and the activities that workers engage in. For example, workers that spend hours on computers or in office environments will benefit more from natural-like light. This reduces eye strain and cuts down on the harmful effects of blue light.

Environments that need team members to perform highly detailed manual tasks may choose bright LED lights. This will make those tasks easier even when natural light isn’t available.

The easier it is for workers to complete their tasks, the better it is for the business’s bottom line. More importantly, those same workers will be more likely to stick with the company longer.

Using Commercial Lights as Artwork

For most businesses, commercial lighting installation gets done to make the space brighter. However, that’s not the only way businesses can use lighting.

In fact, you can use different types of light to create dynamic works of art.

Laser wire lights make it simple to create unique designs and highlight elements you want to showcase. The team behind Ellumiglows selection of laser wire recommends using colorful LEDs to create designs that set your business apart from others in your industry.

The only limit is your imagination. Use laser wire to create your logo in lights or use it to highlight certain features of your interior space.

Try These Lighting Trends for Your Business

If you’re looking for simple ways to improve your company’s building and bottom line, investing in lighting upgrades is a great place to start. The right lighting system can make your building more inviting and more comfortable. Even better, it can save you money on your regular utility costs.

These lighting trends are some of 2020’s top improvements and can get implemented without breaking your budget. Just remember to focus on your business’s needs and make sure the fixtures you choose fit your brand’s image.

Looking for additional tips to make your business stand out and attract more customers? Check out our recent posts for more helpful tricks, tips, and expert advice.


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