8 Ways To Use Instagram To Promote Real Estate

8 Ways To Use Instagram To Promote Real Estate
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Instagram, which was launched later in 2010, has made a name for itself in the social media community with over a billion users. The website was first launched for iOS users. But later they introduced various features and also made it available for the web. With so many users signing in, businesses have started using this platform as a marketing tool. All types of businesses have started promoting its products and services on Instagram. With the help of videos Instagram has given the opportunity to various brands to showcase their products. There are many Instagram video editors available online that people can use. People who are looking for a budget-friendly option should visit InVideo. They provide various customizable video templates for Instagram. Customers can also use multiple features such as animation, transition and graphics. 

Like most businesses, real estate has started utilizing Instagram for their advantage. Real estate marketing is done widely on this platform and people have positive feedback.

Ways to use Instagram for real estate marketing 

In this article, we have compiled some of the best ways people can utilize Instagram for real estate marketing.

1. Show your latest properties and developments.

When customers use Instagram for real estate, they first want to see which properties are up for sale or rent. This is the right way to show your properties through social media marketing. Those who want to use this platform should spend some time looking after the visuals. Just taking a random photo and uploading it won’t do the work. You need to post a visually appealing picture for you to stand out among the crowd. Instagram has various features such as carousel, stories, video, so you don’t need to stick with a single photo. You can upload as many pictures you want to highlight your properties.

2. Showcase future properties and developments

Most of the time, people don’t upload images of the properties that are being developed. This is a big mistake. Make sure you feature on your Instagram handle the properties under development or your future prospect. This way, you can let the audience know beforehand that a property will soon be on the market, and this will help you trigger interest. Those who have just started developing properly should also post it on Instagram.

3. Talk about your success and make your audience familiar with your service 

Most of us want to opt for the best firms or individuals when buying a property. This is why you should opt for Instagram as it helps with marketing your products and services. When you share your real estate success, it will make the audience aware that you are competent, and there is a chance you will meet their real estate requirement. There are particular things you should mention when talking about your success. Provide your users with detailed information regarding your achievements. This will help the users differentiate you with other real estate businesses.

4. Showcase specials and open houses

We know that Instagram is time-sensitive and your stories can get lost easily and stories disappear after 24 hours. Although this turns out to be a problem, people can still utilize this platform to promote time-sensitive services. This is an excellent platform to promote upcoming open houses or current price specials. 

5. With the help of Instagram videos, bring your properties to life 

Most of us prefer watching videos over images. For this reason, people trying to list their properties on Instagram should use the video feature. Creating gorgeous videos of your properties will help attract many buyers. When you create a video, make sure it is visually appealing. This is the first step to attract buyers. Then take catching and dreaming video shots of each room as well as the exterior of the house. This will help your customers get a clear idea about the property, and only those will contact you who want to buy it. It will help the agent to not deal with clients who won’t opt for the property. Invest in a good videographer and shoot the best shots. You can also repurpose old video footage of the house to promote it.

6. Make sure to use relevant hashtags 

People who don’t use the hashtags have no idea how beneficial it is for marketing. According to a study, posts, which have at least one hashtag, tends to attract 12% more audience engagement than those without it. With the help of hashtags, people can categorize your content and also help with marketing. Those who don’t know which hashtags to use can take the help of various tools. These tools help you to show the trending and related hashtags for your content. Try to look at the analytics and check what audiences commonly search for. You can also type some hashtags on Instagram and see their popularity. Take ideas for your competitors and see what they use for their post. Lastly, you can create your own branded hashtags and include a giveaway. This will help the audience start talking and using your hashtags.

7. Share customer’s feedback. 

When we buy any product, we first check the customer reviews. Likewise, when choosing a real estate, people like to look at customer reviews. Create video testimonials of your customers. When you share a series of videos where your customers talk about how happy they are with your services, it will play to your advantage. When the audience sees these video testimonials, they are likely to get attracted to opt for your services. It will also help build trust between you and your potential customers.

8. Promote aspirational real estates 

People like to look at houses even if they are not in the market. For this reason, people like to look at TV shows regarding real estates. Real estate marketers can help develop curiosity among customers by showing the aspirational properties on Instagram. Use various features such as images, carousel, stories and videos to showcase aspirational properties.

These are some of the ways to use Instagram by an individual and firms to promote real estate. 


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