Best Pandemic Movies that You Can Watch in Quarantine

Best Pandemic Movies

It’s no doubt that we are living in a pandemic situation. Coronavirus has already affected thousands of people worldwide. It has spread almost any country in the world. So, the best thing that you can do is to stay at home. Many Governments around the world are suggesting people stay at home quarantine. There is no cure for this virus. So, staying at home is the best thing that you can do right now. You can play some of the Best Games, Watch Best Movies and TV Series to spend your time at home. So, we are going to suggest you watch some of the Best Pandemic Movies at home while you are at home quarantine.

You can watch the movies on your Smartphone, TV or Computer anywhere you want. So, you can watch movies and spend some good time with your family. It’s one of the best ways that you can use to get rid of boring. You can also try out some of the Best Online Courses if you want. But for entertainment, and keeping the current situation in mind, you can watch some of the best pandemic movies. Although it’s completely up to your choice if you want to watch the pandemic genre movies or not. But there are some good pandemic movies are available that you can watch at home quarantine.

Best Pandemic Movies to Watch at Home

1. Contagion

Best Pandemic Movies

If you want to watch a pandemic movie, them Contagion is the best option to watch. After the Coronavirus outbreak, many people are comparing the current situation with the story of this movie.

In this movie, you’ll watch how a deadly virus can put the whole mankind into risk. As I said earlier, the story of this movie is similar to the current situation. And it’s a must-watch of you are searching for the best pandemic movies.

You’ll find many mixed reviews about this movie. And comparing the reviews, this movie is a good one to watch at home quarantine. As this movie has a lot of similarities with the current situation, you’ll like it for sure.

2. Quarantine

If you like watching horror movies, you can watch Quarantine movies while at home Quarantine. Quarantine is a horror movie with an interesting storyline. In this movie, you’ll find how the characters try to escape from quarantine. Overall, it’s a good movie to watch while you are at home quarantine.

Quarantine is a found footage horror film. So, you’ll enjoy it for sure. This movie has two parts. So, you can choose which one to watch first. And it did well in the box office. So, just grab your popcorn and start watching the movie at your home.

Quarantine has mixed reviews from the critics. So, it’s better to watch it yourself and then you can decide if it was a good watch or not. However, comparing the current situation, you’ll find similarities in this movie. As many people around the world are living at home quarantine, it’s time to watch Quarantine movie.

3. Outbreak

Best Pandemic Movies

Outbreak is another pandemic movie to watch. Just like Contagion, this movie also has some similarities with the current situation. This movie shows how scientists search for a cure for a deadly virus that outbreaks in the world. Overall, it is a good movie that you can watch at home quarantine.

The plot of this movie is interesting. In this movie, we see how a deadly virus, carried by a monkey host from the African rain forest infects the whole population of the world. And scientists are trying to find the cure for the deadly virus.

Outbreak movie has good response from the critics and got some good reviews on the Internet. Just like the other movies, this movie also focuses on the global pandemic. So, Outbreak movie is a must watch if you want to watch pandemic movies at your home.

4. Resident Evil

Resident Evil series films have done some good commercial business. There are a total of 6 movies in the Resident Evil series that you can watch at home. Resident Evil series films are sci-fi horror films based on the video game series for the same name. It’s a zombie horror movie that you can watch at home quarantine.

In this film series, we see how T-virus infects all the people around the world. And few humans are still not infected with this virus. The T-virus turns humans into zombies. And we see the main character Alice fighting with the zombies and saving her from the virus.

Resident Evil has some mixed reviews from the critics. Although the audience has shared some good reviews about this film. And it did well at the box office. So, Resident Evil series is a must watch if you want to watch zombie movies at your home while at home quarantine.

5. 28 Days Later

Best Pandemic Movies

28 Days later is a sci-fi horror film based on a disaster. It is a British film directed by Danny Boyle. In this film, we see how a deadly virus outbreaks into the United Kingdom and infects all the people of various cities.

The story of this movie starts with the infections of the people of Britain. This virus spreads after a group of animal liberation activists tries to free chimpanzees in Cambridge. The chimpanzees are infected with the deadly virus and it spreads among the human. Then we see Jim, the main character of this film wakes from a coma and he finds an unusual situation.

28 Days Later received good critics reviews and has some good reviews by the audience. So, if you want to watch some of the Best Pandemic Movies, you can try watching this film while you are at home quarantine.

Final Words

So, guys, I hope you liked the list of pandemic movies. You’ll find these movies on various streaming platforms and watch them from there. If you liked the list, you can share it with your friends and family on social media platforms. Also, comment your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to wear a mask when you go outside.


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