While every other casino online claims to have the Best Bonus, Best Bonus actually delivers on that promise. We’ve focused on rewarding our players with the Best Bonuses and rewards possible and creating an overall experience that keeps players coming back time and time again. This can be seen in our daily, weekly, and monthly promotions which include deposit matches, cashback offers, raffles, contests, tournaments, and more. Here’s how we branded our site for increased conversion to help our guests see the value of joining us at Best Bonus Casino.

Optimizing The Home Page

When a user lands on your homepage, he or she shouldn’t have to do much digging before finding what they’re looking for. On Best Bonus, we wanted to ensure that our visitors could quickly and easily find out about our promotions and offers. To do so, we combined several tactics into a single landing page that pulled all of our promotional messaging front and center. 

Optimizing The Help Page

In order to increase conversion, we optimized our website’s help page. This is especially important for companies that use a lot of technical terms and features—and Best Bonus doesn’t disappoint when it comes to detailed product descriptions! Optimizing our About Us page was a no-brainer in terms of increasing conversions as well.

Optimizing Navigation

Your navigation menus are critical to your site’s success. As you build them, keep in mind how people will use them and where they might be confused or get stuck. Is there a way to create a clean path from one part of your site to another? If your visitors can easily find what they need, chances are you’ll see an increase in conversions. Focus on reducing distractions and improving usability as you work through these menu options.

Overview Of Our Landing Pages Strategy

Best Bonus offers a massive selection of bonuses to its players. With so many options on their site, it’s critical that visitors are able to find what they want quickly and easily—so Best Bonus put together an entire page of landing pages focused on a specific aspect of their brand. By doing so, were able to decrease time-on-site dramatically while driving increased conversion rates. Best Bonus has created several different landing pages targeted at different types of players. 

For example, Best Bonus Casino Landing Page is targeted at casino players; BestBonusPokerLandingPage is targeted at poker players; BestBonusRouletteLandingPage is targeted at roulette players; etc. Each one is designed to direct users towards relevant information about each game as well as direct them towards other relevant content in order to get them closer to making a deposit and playing real money games online with Best Bonus.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

It’s not enough to just have a pretty site. You have to create meaningful content and use design techniques that engage visitors. If you want your new website to convert more customers, we can help you out with that. In fact, one of our clients improved their conversion rate by 62% after working with us. Read on to learn how they did it, and what you can do to improve your own conversion rate.


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