Are you planning a fibre optic Christmas tree or a traditional one?

Fibre optic Christmas tree

When it comes to Christmas, the first elementary decoration is the tree. While planning to choose one, you will find that there are several options in the market. One such new model is the fibre optic Christmas tree.

Why do people think twice about fibre optic Christmas tree?

The fibre optic Christmas tree is not something that came out this year. This product is decorating the market shelves for several years, yet people think twice before trying it. The main reason for this resistance is the tradition. It is hard to change a Christmas tradition in your home.

The second factor to hurdle the purchase is the price of a fibre optic Christmas tree. There are several models in varying prices, and yet it is considerably higher than the actual tree. However, the fibre optic one is a one-time investment, and it also has other advantages that would reduce the overall cost.

What is fibre optic Christmas tree?

Before we head towards this new model’s advantages, let us see what it is all about in a nutshell. First, this model is not equivalent to artificial plastic pine trees. This model looks very similar to the traditional tree and is a tree of tiny fibre optic (FO) light cables. Thus, the fibre optic Christmas tree is a tree that is entirely light. Consider a tree that is entirely light instead of needles and branches. It is how the FO tree would look when lit.

Environmental benefits of FO Christmas trees

People assume that the plastic tree is very environmental-friendly than the traditional one. Although you prevent one pine tree from falling, the artificial trees are much more harmful as they use non-recyclable plastic. Even in recyclable ones, lead contamination is quite a questionable debate. When your PVC-filled plastic tree ages, the lead disintegrates. The effects of lead poisoning are severe, and it is best to avoid such trees. However, many companies sell PVC trees with barium as a stabilizer, but the guarantees of zero-lead are a big marketing gimmick.

Since the FO tree does not have lead and is a one-time purchase, you can be confident that your Christmas is a green one. Moreover, once you think that it is old enough to buy a new one, you can always donate it.

Ease of use

The first advantage of FO trees is the lack of needle shed and sticky sap that, for some reason, kids seem to love playing. You need not sweep around the tree every day to remove the pine needles. The second factor is the speed of installation. All you need is just a couple of minutes, and voila! Your tree is ready for the celebration. The hours you spend on decorating the tree are free for you to enjoy your hot cocoa or eggnog. The FO tree is a decoration by itself. Plug it in, and your tree starts shining. Several models automatically switch on and off based on a timer or a solar sensor.

The safety factor

FO tree does not cause short circuits or open flames. The dried pine leaves would add as a kindle for any spark that a traditional light would cause. Since it is completely fibre optic, your kids can touch and play with the tree with no fear. The second safety factor is zero-allergy. Do you have kids with a dust allergy or asthma complaints? FO trees are completely hypoallergenic. It is free of dust, mold, or other substance.

Cost factor

We already discussed that the cost of FO is higher than traditional trees or artificial PVC ones. However, since you will be buying it only once, you are saving a considerable amount of money in the future Christmas. Moreover, FO requires far less energy to light up the tree all day long, for 12 days or even longer (some tend to keep it up to January, and we do not judge you). You will be saving on extra bulbs, decorations, fuses, transportation charges, and more.

How to choose a fibre optic Christmas tree?

It is best if you do not blindly pick the first FO tree you see on Amazon. There are several factors to consider while buying them. The first is the size and height. In most vendor sites, there will be precise mentioning of these dimensions. Always buy a tree that is at least a foot shorter than your ceiling and a little slimmer than the space you allocated for it. If you plan a tree for your child’s bedroom, anything less than 5 feet will suffice. For small apartments, 6 to 6.5 feet would be sufficient. For average-sized rooms, do not go beyond 7.5 feet. If you have a high-ceiling large room, you can check out trees that are higher than 8 feet.

The second factor is the brand and budget. You can find FO trees in almost all price ranges, and several new brands are entering the market with this product. It is best to pick a product with two to three years of warranty, fuses, and a better reputation. Check out the review section of the vendor site to learn the customer experience.

FO trees come with different color lights, and some even have alternating hues. This factor is completely dependent on your preferences. Remember that you cannot hang any heavy ornaments on this tree. So, make sure to buy one with good colors so that it needs no decoration.

Last but not least, do not order it a day before Christmas. You should need time to set it up and check for issues. Many brands offer free replacements or returns. Do you want your kids to gather around the tree, open presents, and have a picture with matching PJs? It is time to pick a FO tree over traditional or plastic ones. When the Christmas season ends, you can easily dismantle and pack it up in the storage box for the next Christmas.


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