8 Common Refrigerator Repair Issues: Enough to Drive you Crazy

Common Refrigerator Repair Issues

The refrigerator in your home provides you with fresh and delicious meals every day. Additionally, it is the most relied upon electrical appliance in the entire household. And a minor issue in the fridge can lead to rotten and stale food items. The suffering is natural when your refrigerator isn’t working, and you can’t risk your food getting spoiled. Let’s see 8 common refrigerator repair issues.

In addition to this, a faulty refrigerator might force you to go to the grocery store again and again. However, you might have to suffer more until your refrigerator repair technician appears and fixes the issue. 

Well, refrigerators are complex electronic appliances, and hence, they require mostly expert intervention. Here are 8 refrigerator issues that might have been encountered in your life at least once.

1. Leaking Water from the Fridge

Well, this instance is one of the most usual and frustrating issues for fridge repair services. But, we recommend not taking the issue light-handedly. Such an alarming sign can point to clogged, blocked defrost, or frozen water supply line inside the refrigerator. The defrost drain of the refrigerator can get clogged if any debris or food particles enter the drain.

On an exciting note, you can’t access the defrost drain from the outside of the refrigerator. The only way to fix the defrost drain on your own is to pour warm water into the drain that resides inside your refrigerator. Generally, the hose of the defrost drain is situated on the rear side of the fridge. 

However, you need to manually clean the drain hose to get rid of the debris. If it’s not the defrost drain, you have to check whether the water supply line has undergone wear and tear. Make sure that you dive into the fridge repair work only after you unplug your refrigerator from power resources.

2. The Refrigerator isn’t Cold Enough

When you have set the configuration at its optimum, your refrigerator should be cold enough to keep food items fresh. But, if your refrigerator doesn’t retain food cool and fresh, it might give you a headache. Well, a quick cleaning regime might help you in tackling the issue.

The condenser coils might have collected enough debris, and it might be preventing the refrigerator from its desired job. You can go through the refrigerator manual to find out how you can get rid of the problem. The manual might have specified the tools required for a quick-clean of the refrigerator condenser. You might need a vacuum cleaner or a definite brush tool for cleaning those condenser coils. Check if it solves the issue.

3. Too Often Cycling

Are you noticing that the refrigerator runs more cycles than usual? A refrigerator unit that cycles too frequently might be probably troublesome. Whenever a fridge runs its processes, you can observe loud noises. Additionally, it also consumes more electrical power. Consequently, you can notice a sudden increase in the electricity bill. And, all the credit goes to the never-ending cycles of the refrigerator.

However, the condenser coils might play an important role here, too. The dust build-up of the condenser coils might lead the refrigerator to run more and more cycles. Clean up the condenser coils. If that doesn’t make any difference, inspect whether you have set the temperature too low. As it might negatively impact the performance of the refrigerator.

4. Frost Freezer Compartment

No doubt, the freezer of the refrigerator is meant for ice. But, you shouldn’t expect a huge amount of ice build-up in the freezer. However, such issues can be addressed quickly. In case anyone has kept the freezer open for too long, it can cause the freezer to experience frost. And it would generally raise the humidity proportion inside the freezer. Be sure that you close the freezer door whenever you access the refrigerator.

Additionally, you can observe whether the freezer seal is working properly or not. If the freezer seal is faulty, then it might let humidity in. You need to replace the seal if you find out that the seal has gone defective. 

5. Frozen Food Items in Refrigerator

It’s the duty of your freezer compartment to freeze food items stored there. But, your refrigerator and its regular compartments are for keeping food cold and fresh, not frozen. In case you observe that the food is getting frozen in the refrigerator, then it’s an issue, and it engages the thermostat. The thermostat unit regulates the temperature by supervising the voltage to the evaporator fan motor and the compressor. 

If the thermostat is damaged, then the consequences might shock you, and the food inside your fridge gets frozen. Well, you can check the thermostat and its health by configuring the temperature from the lowest to the highest one. Ensure that you can hear the click sound on rotating the thermostat. In case, you can’t hear any click then the thermostat is faulty. And, you have to replace the counterpart as early as possible.

6. Clattering Refrigerator

It might astonish you why your silent refrigerator is currently making so much noise. Usually, a refrigerator shouldn’t make more noise that might disrupt your daily life. If you can hear rattling sounds, then the worst thing that can take place is with fans. The condenser and evaporator fans keep the condenser coils cool and the refrigerator can efficiently work in regulating the temperature inside the fridge.

In case the motors controlling these fans go defective, then the issues might appear to be chattering. And, loud noises from the refrigerator indicate that one of the fans might have problems. Therefore, you should check the fans and their motors, beforehand.

7. Faulty Refrigerator Light Bulb

This is another notable problem among all refrigerator issues. The main functionality of the light bulb inside the fridge is to help you look for the foods in the general compartment. And, the bulb doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee. Mostly, you can resolve the issue just by replacing the refrigerator bulb. The LED might have gone faulty and a simple replacement should work for you.

But, when the light bulb is still not working even after you replace it with a new and working one, then it’s the circuit or the bulb socket. You might consider a professional refrigerator technician or electrician to know the root cause, as well as the solution. However, a faulty bulb can’t force you to replace the entire refrigerator when there is no other issue with the appliance.

8. Defective Water Dispenser

Now, all the latest and high-tech refrigerators come with built-in water dispensers. Thus, you can access fresh and cold water without opening the main unit of your refrigerator. A handful of reasons might trigger the dysfunctionality of the water dispenser of the fridge. The frozen water tub might not allow the water to dispense out. If this is the cause, then there’s an easy solution. You can disconnect the tub and it would defrost, automatically, and the water would start flowing again in the dispensing tub. 

On the other hand, the defective water inlet valve might restrict the tub from accessing water. Additionally, the low pressure of water might trigger the water dispenser issues. If general measures don’t resolve the issues regarding the water dispenser unit, then contacting a professional technician is the best option.

Things to Remember…

A refrigerator is indeed a complicated appliance consisting of electrical and plumbing lines. So, be extra careful while dealing with refrigerator issues on your own. The combination is too dangerous for homeowners. Therefore, ensure that you unplug the power cord of the refrigerator before you start working with the appliance. If you can’t find a permanent solution for your fridge issues, then it’s better to avail expert intervention.


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