7 Medical Benefits of Marijuana You May Not Know

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

The first use of Cannabis dates back to 2737 BC, when writings by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung directly referenced it. Back then, its use was as a psychoactive agent. Let’s see the 7 medical benefits of marijuana you may not know.

The initial use of Cannabis refers to medicinal purposes, such as a medication for malaria, gout, rheumatism, to name a few. At present, different types of marijuana packaging are widely being used to treat various medical ailments.

If you were wondering about the other medical benefits of marijuana, then you’re in the right place. You might be surprised as to how many medical benefits there are to this herb! Read on for the top seven medical benefits of marijuana that you may not know about.

1. It can stop or slow cancer cells from spreading.

One of the most famous uses of marijuana in medicine is for cancer. A study was able to find that Cannabidiol has the amazing ability to stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1.

It doesn’t just alleviate pain or discomfort in cancer patients, but it even helps slow down tumors or cancer from spreading!

2. Marijuana can relieve arthritis.

Researchers were able to find that cannabis is able to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as promote better sleep. These are extremely helpful when it comes to relieving pain from arthritis.

Scientists of the rheumatology units at a few clinics gave their patients Sativex, a cannabinoid-based pain alleviating medication. After fourteen days, patients on Sativex had a huge decrease in pain levels, and further developed better sleep quality compared to those given placebo. 

3. It can decrease anxiety.

As suggested by a research conducted by Harvard University in 2011, another of the drug’s benefits is reducing anxiety. They were able to find that it may actually reduce anxiety, effectively improving a smoker’s mood. It can also serve as a sedative when administered in low doses.

However, take this with a grain of salt as higher doses can adversely lead to increased anxiety. It may even cause paranoia, if done under uncontrolled circumstances.

4. Marijuana can alleviate the veterans grappling with PTSD.

In some states in America, Marijuana is permitted for the treatment of PTSD. Naturally grown cannabinoids, like THC, can help regulate the system that causes anxiety and fear in the body and mind.

5. Marijuana may be used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases. 

A 2010 study by the University of Nottingham was able to find that chemicals in Marijuana such as cannabidiol and THC plays a crucial role in a person’s immune system and gut function. It works by interacting with the cells in the body that regulate them!

THC like chemicals that are produced by the body increase the permeability of the intestine, making it easier for bacteria to be allowed in. Cannabinoids from marijuana work by blocking these body-cannabinoids. This puts a stop to the permeability which then makes the intestinal bond tighter.

6. It can help someone who has a lacking appetite.

Many patients afflicted with chronic pain, cancer, and HIV lack appetite due to their physical condition, coupled with their treatment and medication. This leads to them not feeling hungry, which can be extremely detrimental to their overall health.

Medicines that are used to treat pain and illness often have appetite suppressants. This is where marijuana can become beneficial for patients! Leptin is the appetite suppressant that curbs their hunger. However, marijuanacan help restore their appetite by preventing the production of leptin. 

7. Marijuana aids muscle spasms. 

Those suffering from muscle spasms related to muscle sclerosis may also benefit from marijuana use. It also responds well to other types of muscle spasms, particularly those that are untreatable by other prescribed medications.

Did you already know all of these medical benefits for Marijuana? Let us know in the comments!


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