Various ways of applying for new gas connection

new gas connection

The LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas which has become a necessity. In recent times, there are many purposes that are being conducted by the LPG. The major one of them is cooking. Although LPG is not the very economical source it is widely accepted because of it easy to store and use. It is very convenient for household usage and safe to use.

Many people still struggle to get a new gas connection. The process has been simplified in recent times by providing various options to the public to get a new gas connection. The process has become hassle-free. It is especially beneficial for old people who had trouble going out to the office and stand in long queues for getting a new gas connection. 

Various ways of applying for new gas connection: 

To help future and existing clients, the major gas connection providers have provided ways that can benefit through the web-based interface, SMS, Interactive Voice Response System  (IVRS) and by reaching the merchant straightforwardly. To apply for another new gas connection, people can either apply on the web or offline.

1. Indane Gas Booking through SMS 

Customers can likewise book an Indane Gas new connection utilizing the SMS services of various network providers. Simply convey an SMS in the arrangement – IOC to the IVRS number for your zone and get a new connection booked.

2. Indane Gas Booking through IVRS 

Clients will have the option to put a reserving for a new connection for various gas providers by utilizing the IVRS office in three language alternatives including their provincial language. Clients simply need to enter the STD code of the wholesaler and the buyer number to make a booking. This is a really simple process savings lots of time and energy of an individual.

3. Indane Gas Booking utilizing Mobile App 

Many gas providers have thought of a portable App for Android and iOS and clients can legitimately download the versatile application to enlist a new connection for gas and it is also useful for applying/ submitting a demand for a second gas cylinder. The client simply needs to enter subtleties like the purchaser number, company associated details and other contact data. 

4. Indane Gas Booking Through Distributors 

Clients can visit their closest merchant to put a get a new connection for any gas service provider according to their choice. The client should give all the required information including client number and contact to get a confirmed booking for their connection.

Various gas service providers: 

Many LPG service providers are available in the market now. The major providers are Indane, Hindustan petroleum ( HP) and Bharat gas. All of them qualify for the above-mentioned methods of booking for a new gas connection. Indane is the major gas connection providers and major competition for years. It is a connection by Indian oil Ltd. 

Types of LPG connection available: 

The service providers have different kinds of gas connections readily available according to the requirement. There are subsidised LPG cylinders and non- subsidised cylinders. The prices of different connections also vary from one another. The sizes of cylinders may vary too from 5Kg to 19Kg and more. 

  • In industries the LPG is required at a high rate therefore the connection is commercial and provided to fulfil all the requirements. 
  • The new way of providing gas and an initiative by the government is to provide it via pipelines. It is a safe way to provide gas. Not just that, this way of providing the gas connection is promoted in every household as it will lead to a continuous supply and ease without the need of booking a new gas cylinder again and again.


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