The Top Five Apps for Gen Z

Apps for Gen Z

The fastest-growing generation in the world is also the one with the biggest affinity for technology. Their lives have been interwoven through countless social media platforms, making a clear boundary between the real and the virtual realms totally impossible. So what are the top five Apps for Gen Z that the contemporary youth is using to navigate their merged, hybrid world.

TikTok- Apps for Gen Z

The number one app in the world (not even Google could beat it in 2021) is truly Gen Z’s kingdom. Functioning as a mixture of a video editing software and a social media platform, TikTok has put a grip on young people due to its endless possibilities for self-expression.


The live-streaming platform is another service that managed to bring together young people’s penchant for video content, and their desire to socialize. One of its interesting effects has been the proliferation of small communities around niche phenomena and personalities.


One more example revolving around the idea of community-building, this platform was originally created as a chatting app for gamers. Now, it exists as a “dark” social media (it puts a big emphasis on data privacy) where all kinds of communities can flourish.


This gamified dating app completely rejects labels, otherwise so ubiquitous in the dating landscape, and pushes for the “personality first” approach. Embracing fluidity and openness, it makes dating fun by letting users express themselves through quirky digital totems.


The hip online marketplace has managed to find its niche on the intersection of fashion, e-commerce and social media. Allowing people to resell their clothes, it attracts Get Zs to unique items and a more ethical approach to shopping.

Gen Zs are the first to catch wind of the latest tech trends, and the most adept at embracing new digital tools — foolproof reasons for why these five apps cannot be missed.


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